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If you worry you are not spending enough time with your children, you can relax. Get a babysitter and go out for the evening.如果你还在担心没有足够的时间陪孩子,那么现在你大可放轻松。找个保姆,晚上你可以放心大胆地出门赴宴了。Studies show that it is quality, not quantity, of time that makes children thrive.研究发现,让孩子茁壮成长的不是父母陪伴孩子的时间,而是陪伴孩子的质量。While research has usually focused on mothers, a study last week on BMJ Open showed that the amount of time fathers spend with children is also less important than how much they enjoyed parenting.通常大多数研究都会关注母亲,不过上周《英国医学杂志》的一项研究表明,父亲陪伴孩子的时间长短不是那么重要,最重要的是父亲是否享受陪伴孩子的过程。Fathers who took pleasure in caring for their young children were 28% less likely to have children with behavioural problems at both nine and 11 years old.据调查显示,能够以陪伴孩子为乐的父亲培养出来的孩子,在9岁和11岁出现行为问题的几率要低28%。Questionnaires were sent out to more than 10,000 parents in south-west England when their children were eight weeks and then eight months old.研究人员将调查问卷分发给英格兰西南部10000多对父母,问卷分别在他们的孩子8周大和8个月大时各发了一次。Fathers were asked how they felt about parenthood – for example, did they enjoy watching their baby develop, how much did they play with their child and how confident were they?爸爸们被问到他们是如何看待亲子关系的--例如,他们是否享受看着孩子长大的过程,他们多久陪孩子玩一次以及他们有多大信心?When their children were nine and then 11, the mothers were asked to score the children#39;s behaviour – on factors such as how considerate they were to others#39; feelings and their kindness to younger children, as well as levels of restlessness and clinginess.当孩子9岁和11岁时,妈妈们被要求给自己孩子的行为打分--依据因素例如:孩子对他人感受的体贴程度如何,对其他小朋友是否善良,以及躁动和依赖程度。The researchers discovered that how secure the fathers felt about their role and their partner, and how emotionally connected they were with their children, were more important in reducing the likelihood of behavioural problems than the time they put in to childcare.研究人员发现,父亲对自身角色以及伴侣的安全感以及他们与孩子感情的亲密程度,相较于他们花在育儿上的时间而言,在减少孩子出现行为问题的可能性上扮演着更加重要的角色。The final analysis was done on nearly 6,500 11-year-olds and also took into account the father#39;s level of education and income.最终的分析是建立在近6500名11岁的儿童身上,并同时考虑了父亲的教育和收入水平。Charles Opondo, of the Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford, was the lead author of the study. He says it shows that positive involvement means more than time spent on childcare duties.牛津大学纳菲尔德人口健康学院的查尔斯·欧潘多是这项研究的主要作者。他表示,该研究明,积极的参与比花更多时间完成育儿责任更有意义。;Feeling good about being a dad, making an emotional connection with children and establishing a secure parenting relationship with mothers are perhaps even more important,; he says.他说道:;为身为人父感到愉悦,与孩子建立情感联系,与孩子妈妈建立一个充满安全感的父母关系,这些或许更为重要。;The research suggests that parental guilt about how much time is spent with their children may be misplaced. It is the emotional connection that parents have with their children that counts.该研究显示,父母对于没能花足够的时间陪伴孩子而产生的内疚感其实是完全没必要的。父母与孩子之间的情感联系才是最重要的。For babies and toddlers, playing, ing and bathing can be high-quality activities.对于婴儿和蹒跚学步的孩子,陪他们玩耍、阅读和洗澡算得上是高质量的陪伴。With older children, parents often recognise quality time when it happens – a simple chat in the car, for example.而对于大一些的孩子,父母通常能够意识到什么样的陪伴才是高质量的--比方说在车里的一次简单的对话。No one says less time is better, but the research suggests that what matters most is making the time you do have really count.没有人说更少的时间效果更好,这项研究只是说明,更重要的是将时间花在更有价值的地方。 /201612/4827601. Sweatpants.1. 运动裤。Can we all just come to one general conclusion on this one? Friends don#39;t let friends travel in sweatpants. Time after time, I see people in gray heather sweatpants with their last name on the bum, and it makes me just want to give them an anonymous note saying, ;I#39;m glad you#39;re comfortable, but you look like a slob.;在这个问题上,我们能不能得出统一结论?真正的朋友是不会让自己的朋友穿着运动裤去旅游的。我总是看到人们穿着屁股上印有姓氏的杂灰色运动裤,我只想给这些人写匿名便条,;很高兴你很舒,但你看上去就像个傻子。;2. A strong fragrance.2. 浓烈气味的香水。Now I love a good scent but travelling is NOT the time to be experimenting with cologne or perfume. Be respectful of the other passengers on board-they might have scent allergies or maybe are not a fan of your new favourite scent du jour. This rule also applies to bringing food on the plane. Perhaps you think twice before buying super smelly food from the food court for on-board consumption. That would be really nice.虽然我喜欢芳香,但旅行时最好还是不要喷古龙香水或其它香水了。请尊重飞机上的其他乘客--他们可能对香味过敏,或者并不喜欢你最喜欢的香味儿。这条也同样适用于将食物带到飞机上。在美食广场购买味道浓烈的食物以在飞机上食用之前,还是三思为妙。这样做真的很体贴。3. Provocative clothing.3. 挑逗性的衣。Dear Lord did I experience this while travelling this past weekend. Women wearing low cut shirts or shorts that barely covered their posteriors. If a parent wants to cover their children#39;s eyes because of the outfit you#39;re wearing, take note. And if you#39;re unsure of what to wear, just ask yourself, ;What would Jackie do?;亲爱的上帝,我上周末旅行时就经历了这种情况。女生们穿着低领衬衫或几乎暴露臀部的短裤。如果家长们因为你的穿着而捂住了自己孩子的眼睛,请长点心。如果你不确定该穿什么,那就问问自己,;杰姬会怎么穿呢?;4. Loud and expensive jewelry.4. 花哨昂贵的珠宝。It will set off the metal detectors. It will draw attention to you. If you MUST, just be careful.这会引得金属探测器一阵狂叫。会引起别人对你的注意。如果你必须要戴,请小心一点。5. Pyjamas.5. 睡衣。Pyjamas are appropriate to wear when going to bed. In the comfort of your home. That is the ONLY place.穿睡衣睡觉很合适。在自己家里穿也很舒。但只适合在家穿。6. Oversized coat.6. 超大外套。This is going to take up a lot of room either in your seat or in the overhead storage compartment. Pick a more considerate option.这会在你的座位或头顶的存储室占据太多的位置。选择一件更合适的衣吧。7. Shorts.7. 短裤。Airports and airplanes are dirty. They are also usually really cold. Why subject your legs to that? Put on your trousers!机场和飞机都很脏。通常也很冷。为什么要让你的腿遭这种罪呢?穿上长裤吧!8. Flip flops.8. 人字拖。They#39;re not sturdy travelling shoes, and like I said above, airports are GROSS. If you must wear sandals choose a secure pair.旅行时穿人字拖并不实用,正如我上面所说,机场真的很恶心。如果你就是想穿凉鞋,那就选择稍微安全一点的。9. Bare feet.9. 光脚。On the plane, bare feet are GROSS. Put on some socks.在飞机上光脚实在太恶心了!穿上袜子吧。10. Skinny jeans.10. 紧身牛仔裤。Not only is wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans uncomfortable on a long-haul flight, but it can also increase your risk for deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. Opt instead for loose-fitting, breathable fabrics.穿着你最爱的紧身牛仔裤长时间飞行不仅不舒,而且还会增加你形成深部静脉血栓或血块的风险。你可以选择较为宽松的、透气的面料。译文属 /201704/503297With busy family lives and demanding work schedules, it can be difficult to find time for household chores.在繁忙的家庭生活和苛求的工作安排之下,找到时间来做家务活是很难的。One woman revealed how it is often the laundry that falls to the bottom of her to-do list, admitting she only washes her three bras once a month.一名女士透露,自己经常将洗衣留到要做事情列表的最后,并且承认每月只会清洗一次自己的三件文胸。Taking to Mumsnet, the woman said she was #39;horrified#39; at her routine but reasoned that #39;boobs are clean#39; so it was acceptable to re-wear them 10 times before washing.在Mumsnet网站的帖子中,这名女士称,虽然对自己的习惯感到“害怕”,但是却由于“胸部是干净的”,所以推断文胸穿10次再洗是可以接受的。The confession sparked a debate on the online forum, with some users branding the habit #39;gross#39; while others argued more frequent washes could damage the bra.这一发言在该论坛上引起了激烈争论,一些用户批评这名女士的习惯很“恶心”,而其他用户则辩称清洗太过频繁会毁掉文胸。Advice from high-end lingerie brand Rigby And Peller suggests bras should be washed after every two wears.高端女性贴身用品品牌瑞贝柏勒给出建议称,文胸应该每穿两次就洗一次。One Mumsnet user who said she was #39;shocked#39; by the confession wrote: #39;I wear a clean one everyday, I thought everybody did.#39;Mumsnet上一名用户对这篇帖子感到“很震惊”:“我每天都要穿干净的文胸,我以为所有人都是这样。”Another posted: #39;I change my bra every day and put into the wash with everything else I#39;ve worn that day. I wouldn#39;t wear something more than once without washing.#39;另一条回复则说道:“我每天都要换文胸,当天穿的所有衣物都要清洗,我不会穿一件没洗的衣两次。”One similarly disgusted user wrote: #39;You should hand wash your bra after every use. I#39;m repulsed at the idea of re-wearing a bra - imagine all the sweat.#39;一位同样有点反感的用户写道:“每次穿过之后,你都应该手洗文胸。我绝对不会再穿被穿过的文胸--想想那上面的汗!”Many said it depended on the situation, with one explaining she washed her bra #39;after every wear#39; because she has an #39;active job and they would stink#39; if she didn#39;t.但是许多人也表示这取决于环境,一名用户解释称,自己“每次穿过之后”都会清洗文胸,因为她的工作“运动量很大,如果不洗的话就会变臭”。Another user argued that she could re-wear her bra once or twice unless it was #39;obviously dirty#39; or had something #39;spilled on it#39;.另一名用户则表示,如果文胸不是“特别脏”或者“附着什么异物”的话,她会再穿一到两次。Justifying her position, one pointed out she was following the instructions of the bra fitter. #39;They are expensive and washing too much ruins them,#39; she said.一名用户为了明她的立场,指出自己只是遵照了文胸说明书的做法而已。她说道:“文胸很贵,洗的次数太多就会毁掉它们。”Others were quick to agree with the woman asking the question. One woman wrote: #39;My bras don#39;t smell. I feel sorry for people who need to wash theirs after every wear! Perhaps it depends on your size.#39;还有人很快就对发帖人表示赞同,一名女性写道:“我的文胸没有味道,我真为那些每穿过一次就必须要洗的人感到难过!也许这取决于你的尺寸。” /201705/510390

Buying a new brand of canned tuna, Beth involuntarily got mixed up in human trafficking贝丝就因为买了一罐新牌子的金鱼罐头,却被卷入到拐卖人口的活动中 /201612/481335

An American study has found that tea drinkers enjoying a daily cuppa could be 35% less likely to suffer a heart attack or another major cardiovascular disease.一项美国的研究发现,饮茶者每天喝一杯茶可能使患心脏病或其他重大的心血管疾病的几率降低35%。Doctor Elliott Miller and his team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, have found that drinking tea could protect the heart.埃利奥特·米勒医生和他在美国巴尔的约翰霍普金斯医院的团队日前发现,喝茶可以保护心脏。Just one cup of tea a day -- whether green or black -- could be enough to prove beneficial.每天只喝一杯茶--无论是绿茶还是红茶--都足以明喝茶是有益的。The scientists followed 600 men and women in good health and with no previous history of heart disease for 15 years.科学家对600名身体健康且没有心脏病史的男女追踪了15年。During that time, they noted which volunteers had a heart attack, a stroke, suffered chest pains or died from other types of heart disease.在那段时间,他们记录了哪些志愿者患上了心脏病、中风、感到胸口疼痛或死于其他类型的心脏疾病。They also measured calcium deposits in the volunteers#39; blood vessels over a five-year period, comparing them with previous levels.他们还在五年内测量了志愿者血管中的钙沉积情况,将其与以前的水平进行比较。The results showed that tea drinkers -- consuming one to three cups per day -- were 35% less likely to develop heart disease than the other volunteers. Tea drinkers also had lower levels of calcium deposits in their arteries.结果表明,每天饮用一至三杯茶的饮茶者比其他志愿者患心脏疾病的几率要低35%。饮茶者动脉中的钙沉积水平也较低。While it#39;s too soon for the researchers to establish a direct link between the consumption of tea and the absence of heart disease, they do recognize the natural protective properties of the drink.虽然研究人员在饮茶和没有心脏病之间建立的直接联系为时尚早,但是他们确实认识到茶的天然保护特性。This could be due to the flavonoids found in tea, a type of antioxidant that supports heart health.这可能是由于茶中存在的类黄酮,一种有助于心脏健康的抗氧化剂。Another theory is that tea drinkers could generally have healthier lifestyles, with factors such as diet and exercise playing a positive role in keeping heart disease at bay.另一个理论是,饮茶者可能通常具有更健康的生活方式,饮食和运动等因素在预防心脏疾病方面起着积极作用。 /201612/484390

Hello, Betty. Don#39;t hang up. There#39;s a bomb in your house. And tell me, how is your situation with regard to kitchen appliances?你好,贝蒂,别挂电话,你的房子里有个炸弹,所以请告诉我,就厨房设备而言,你觉得你的处境如何啊?Dennis#39;s greatest talent as a telemarketer was to get people#39;s attention丹尼斯作为电话销售员拥有的最大天赋就是引起人们的注意 /201704/506714

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