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遵义市男科医院哪家好遵义九龙医院治疗阳痿不存在的坑不坑扒遵义九龙医院治疗前列腺炎不存在坑人嘛 Adele has overtaken Michael Jackson to claim the fifth best-selling album in UK history. The singer second album 1 has sold over ,7,300 copies in the UK as of this morning (May 3), which is 500 sales ahead of Michael Jackson Thriller.阿黛尔的个人第二张唱片《1取代迈克尔杰克逊的经典专辑《Thriller,成为英国有史以来第五大销售唱片截至到5月3日上午,《1已经在英国卖出了7300张,比《Thriller的销量多了500张;To add to her many landmark records, Adele achievement in overtaking Thriller in the all-time sales list is truly remarkable,; comments the Official Charts Company managing director Martin Talbot. ;Thriller has long been recognised as one of the most iconic albums of all time - there is now no doubt that 1 can be spoken of in the same breath.;官方排行榜公司的常务董事Martin Talbot说:“阿黛尔的《1取代杰克逊的《Thriller的成为英国第五大畅销唱片是阿黛尔的又一重要记录,非常了不起”“《Thriller一直被看做是有史以来最伟大的唱片之一,毫无疑问,现在《1也享有同样的盛誉”Since its release in the UK in January , Adele 1 has spent 65 weeks in the Top , with 3 of those weeks at number one. It has outsold Amy Winehouse Back To Black to become the highest-selling UK album of the 1st century and won Adele six Grammys and two Brit Awards.自阿黛尔的《1在年1月在英国开始销售以来,这张专辑已经停留在排行榜前名长达65周,并在其中的3个星期位居榜首《1取代艾米?怀恩豪斯的《Back To Black成为1世纪最畅销的唱片,并为阿黛尔赢得了六座格莱美奖和两座全英音乐奖The UK five highest-selling albums of all-time are as follows:1. Queen: Greatest Hits. The Beatles: Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band3. ABBA: Gold: The Greatest Hits. Oasis: (What The Story) Morning Glory?5. Adele: 1英国有史以来最畅销的五大唱片:No.1:皇后乐队的《精选集No.:披头士的《佩珀军士孤寂心灵俱乐部乐队No.3:阿巴合唱团的《热门金曲集No.:绿洲乐队的《清晨的荣耀No.5:阿黛尔的《1 18遵义那里有割包皮

遵义九龙医院治疗早泄不可能骗人很多人喜欢实况音乐(live music)如今在中国正越来越风靡去现场听音乐果真具有如此大的吸引力吗?让我们一起来看看观众和业内人士是怎么说的吧!Huang Jiaxi is a big fan of the latest music show The Voice of China. But she always wondered what it would be like to hear the live version of those hit songs.黄佳熙(音译)是音乐秀《中国好声音的忠实粉丝但她一直想知道,去现场听这些热门金曲会是怎样一番感觉Recently, Huang visited a live music venue in Beijing and saw bands and singers perm right in front of her eyes. It was a whole new way of enjoying music.不久前,黄佳熙在北京参加了一场现场音乐会,亲眼目睹了乐队和歌手的表演这可谓是一种欣赏音乐的新全新方式“Live music is addictive once you’ve experienced the atmosphere,” said the 1-year-old English major at University of Science and Technology Beijing.“一旦你感受到现场音乐的氛围,便会上瘾”这位1岁的北京科技大学英语专业学生说道Fueled by music shows on TV and young people’s passion of ming bands, live music is booming in China’s major cities.随着电视歌唱比赛的层出不穷,年轻人组建乐队的热情日益高涨,受此影响,实况音乐这种方式正在全国各大城市风靡According to American veteran music producer Kenny Bloom, who used to produce albums Cui Jian, one of China’s biggest rock music stars, live music festivals are flourishing in China compared to the past.美国资深音乐制作人肯尼#86;布鲁姆(音译)说,与过去相比,实况音乐节正在中国盛行布鲁尼曾为中国摇滚巨星崔健制作过专辑“Around 0 music festivals now take place in China every year,” Bloom told AFP in June. “Many are supported by local governments to boost local brands and the tourism industry.”今年六月,布鲁尼在接受法新社采访时表示:“现在,中国各地每年大约举行0场音乐节活动,很多活动都得到政府的大力持,以此推广本土品牌,发展旅游业” young people, it is the feeling of live music that appeals.对年轻人来说,正是欣赏实况音乐的那种感觉令他们着迷Zhen Xing, , goes to live permances almost every weekend. He said the singer’s voice and the musicians’ gestures on stage are an indulging experience.岁的甄兴(音译)每周末都会去看现场演出他说,舞台上歌手的嗓音和乐者的动作都令自己沉浸其中,无法自拔“It’s totally different from listening to music on your iPod,” said Zhen, a senior from Renmin University of China. “It’s just overwhelming.”“这和用iPod听音乐完全不同这简直令人无法抗拒”就读于中国人民大学大四年级的甄兴说道Steve Guttenberg, a US-based movie projectionist, agrees. He said the biggest difference between recorded and live music is the sound quality.来自美国的电影放映师斯蒂文#86;古腾伯格也十分赞同这一观点他说,录制音乐与现场音乐的最大差别在于音质“I’ve never heard anything close to that sound reproduced by even the very best high-end audio systems,” Guttenberg said, recalling a live concert.“即使用一流的高端音响系统,也无法复制出实况音乐的那种音质”古腾伯格在回忆某场现场演唱会时表示US-based music critic Leslie Gerber thought that recorded music sets wrong standards live permances, thereby damaging their expressive quality.美国音乐人莱斯利#86;戈伯(音译)认为,录制音乐为现场演出树立了错误的标准,也会破坏其表现力“Failure to take chances leads to the sterile, cautious music-making that critics frequently complain about,” said Gerber.“怯于冒险尝试只能打造出乏味且过于求稳的音乐,这正是经常被乐评人诟病的一点”戈伯说道So there is a creative spontaneity to live music that cannot be replicated in recordings.,实况音乐具备一种自发创造性,录制音乐无法对其复制To Huang, it is a packed venue and interaction with musicians that bring the most fun.对于黄佳熙来说,去现场听音乐很热闹,人山人海,而与乐者的互动也是最有趣的地方“We stand very close to permers, as if we are friends having a party,” she said.“我们与表演者零距离接触,就像是朋友聚会一样”她说道Feargal Sharkey, chair of the UK government’s Live Music um, agrees. In an interview with The Guardian, Sharkey said: “Live music is the closest and best interaction that people can get with those records they’ve been listening to. It just brings that bond closer. No other mechanism allows that to happen.”英国实况音乐论坛主席菲戈尔#86;夏基对此表示赞同在一次接受《卫报采访时,她说:“现场音乐可以让人们在欣赏耳熟能详的歌曲的同时,享受这种最佳零距离互动方式它令人与音乐之间的联系更紧密没有一种其他途径可以实现这点” 1897遵义中医院有泌尿科吗 Lost in Thailand is by any measure a ridiculous movie. Two Chinese colleagues race to find their boss at a remote monastery in Thailand, battling bad traffic, gangsters, a snake, a kickboxer and, most important, each other, all in an eft to win the rights to an improbable invention: Super Gas, a liquid that turns a little bit of gasoline into a lot. Somehow it is doing ridiculously well. With a budget of less than million, the film has earned 3 million since it opened Dec. , making it China’s most profitable film and pulling in more viewers than eign hits such as Avatar and the third Transmers, according to a report in the Caixin business journal.不管怎么说,《人再囧途之泰囧都是一部可笑的电影两个中国人,同一个公司的同事比赛谁先找到泰国找到老板而老板在泰国一个偏远地区的寺庙,他们要面对糟糕的交通、对抗黑帮、大战毒蛇、对决泰拳拳手,而最重要的是,双方都不遗余力要争夺一项发明的授权这项并不完善的发明叫油霸,它是一种液体,能够使少量汽油倍增不知为何,这部电影票房好得不可思议据《财新商务期刊的报道,它的预算不到600万美元,但自月日上映以来,票房收入已达19300万美元,成为最赚钱的华语片,比外国大片如《阿凡达和《变形金刚3的观影人数还多While those films all relied on big-budget special effects, the action scenes in Lost in Thailand look like something out of a Leslie Nielsen film. The plot feels like a rehash of The Hangover Part II and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Without a terribly original script or eye-catching pyrotechnics, what has made Lost in Thailand such a hit? It’s a question that the rest of the film industry badly wants to answer.那些大片依靠的都是昂贵的特效,而《泰囧中的动作场面却与莱斯利·尼尔森电影的风格异曲同工剧情感觉像是《宿醉和《飞机、火车和汽车的翻拍《泰囧的剧本并非创意十足,艺术技巧也并不引人入胜,是什么让它这么火?电影圈的看客们都急于回答这个问题Part of the explanation is timing. The New Year’s period is when China sees its biggest blockbusters rolled out to coincide with holidays on Jan. 1 and the all-important Chinese New Year a few weeks later. Director Feng Xiaogang has been synonymous with the hesuipian, or New Year’s celebration film, offering lighthearted comedic fare like If You Are the One family viewing over the holidays. But some of Feng’s recent works have been deadly serious. In he released Aftershock, about a pair of deadly earthquakes, and in December he released 19, a film about wartime famine in central China. The other big release of this season, director Lu Chuan’s The Last Supper, about a power-mad Han-dynasty Emperor, is only slightly less grim. Lost in Thailand is a natural alternative audiences looking something a little happier, then. “This year’s hesuipianlike 19 and The Last Supper are full of serious historical topics, and the repressed atmosphere leaves visitors feeling gloomy,” said the China Culture Daily, a state-run newspaper. “In a flash, the humor of Lost in Thailand makes viewers feel happy.”有人说是因为档期贺岁档包括元旦和几周后至关重要的新年档,中国最宏大的巨资电影都会赶在这期间上映冯小刚导演一直是贺岁片,即欢庆新年的电影的代名词节日期间,他常为观众献上适宜阖家观看的轻喜剧,如《非诚勿扰但是冯导演最近的一些作品非常严肃年,《唐山大地震上映,讲述了大地震中一对弟的故事,而今年月上映的《温故19是关于中原地区战时饥荒的故事同期上映的其他大片包括陆川导演的《王的盛宴,影片讲述的是一个醉心权术的汉朝皇帝,基调之阴郁只比《19稍逊一点儿而大部分观众寻求较为欢乐的影片,所以《泰囧自然成为他们的选择“今年的贺岁片,像《19和《王的盛宴都充满了严肃的历史话题,压抑的气氛使观众感觉郁闷,”国营的中国文化报道,“《泰囧的幽默搞笑很快就能让观众开心起来”Another popular theory among reviewers, social-media commenters and Chinese friends who have seen the film is that it cleaves to the experiences of average Chinese in a way that few films do successfully. The film is a successor to Lost on Journey, a send up of the tribulations that Chinese face each year when they travel home the Chinese New Year. Lost in Thailand takes the same mula and transfers it abroad to one of Chinese tourists’ favorite destinations. Xu Lang, played by director Xu Zheng, is a savvy scientist transfixed on bringing his invention to market. He is racing his mer friend and rival Gao Bo, played by actor Huang Bo, to find their boss at a rural Thai monastery to win approval of their respective development plans. On the flight, Xu meets Wang Bao, a simpleminded pancake maker from Beijing, clad in full tourist regalia, including the red hat from his tour group, and carrying a long list of goals his voyage, including, of course, seeing Thai transvestites, or “ladyboys.” Wang, played by Wang Baoqiang, is something of a Chinese everyman, silly and easily mocked, wanting to photograph himself flashing a peace sign in front of everything, including the hotel chairs. But the obtuse pancake flipper has an honest heart and ultimately proves wiser than Xu or the comic villain Gao.看过该片的影评人、社交媒体人和中国朋友则普遍认为该片贴近普通中国百姓的生活经历,而很少电影能够做到这一点这部电影是《人在囧途的续集,第一部以滑稽的风格再现了每年农历新年中国人回家不得不面对的旅途痛苦《泰囧采用了同样的套路,但把故事搬到了中国游客最热衷的一个目的地徐朗由徐峥导演饰演,是一个精明能干的技术员,一心想把他的发明推向市场他以前的朋友、现在的对手高,由黄渤扮演徐朗与高比赛谁能先到达泰国一个农村的寺庙找到老板,并让他同意授权自己的开发计划在飞机上,徐朗遇到了王宝,他来自北京,头脑简单,是卖葱油饼的王宝的一身典型观光客的装备,包括头上戴着的旅行团的小红帽,手里拿着一张长长的旅游心愿清单,清单当然包括看泰国变性人,就是“人妖”王宝,由王宝强扮演,一定程度上就是普通中国人的代表,笨笨的,常被嘲笑,到哪儿都要比个V字照张相,连旅馆的椅子都不放过但这个傻傻的葱油饼小贩心眼实在,最终事实明,他比徐朗跟那个反派高都要高明Not everyone loves the film. Xiao Su, an author and professor at the Central China Normal University School of Chinese Language and Literature in Wuhan, said at a meeting of the city’s legislature that Lost in Thailand was “vulgar, debased and commercial.” He added that Chinese films “should not just be focused on ticket sales but should emphasize a cultural orientation and pay attention to lifting ordinary people’s cultural qualities and tastes.” An op-ed in the 1 Century Economic Report, a Guangzhou-based newspaper, called the criticism elitist and said it denied average people their right to the pleasures of a lighthearted movie. “When a few intellectuals who think they are the elite and filled with an enormous sense of superiority criticize [Lost in Thailand], people can’t help but think of experts in the past who said that peasants lacked the necessary qualities a modern democracy,” wrote Zhu Naijuan, an editor the newspaper.并非人人喜爱这部电影武汉华中师范大学文学院教授、作家晓苏在市“两会”的一次会议上批评《泰囧“低俗、庸俗、媚俗”他还说中国电影“不能只紧盯票房,而应该注重文化导向,注重提高老百姓的文化素质和品味”广州报纸《1世纪经济报道的专栏称这一批评是精英主义的表现,剥夺了普通人看轻松电影找乐子的权利该报纸的编辑祝乃娟写道:“一些自认为精英化的知识分子充斥着极大的优越感,他们(对《泰囧)的批评,让人不由自主想到以往一些‘专家’断言农民缺乏现代民主需要的基本素养”The film has been largely well received in Thailand, which has cringed at the portrayal of over-the-top Bangkok nightlife in films like The Hangover Part II. But because of Chinese censorship, Lost in Thailand couldn’t get that crazy even if the filmmakers wanted to. So ladyboys are the subject of just one joke that cracks more fun at the wild imaginations of the Chinese characters than at Thai transvestites. A Bangkok Post columnist wrote that while it was easy to assume Lost in Thailand was “a mindless, lowbrow slapstick comedy with calamity, insensitive jokes against other people (and sometimes other countries),” it turned out “the movie is comparatively culturally sensitive.” A lesson, perhaps, Hollywood.这部电影在泰国非常受欢迎它对泰国夜生活的描绘打了折扣,并不像《宿醉表现得那样没有节制考虑到中国的审查制度,制片人即使有心,也不可能把《泰囧拍得那么疯狂所以人妖只是一个笑点,让观众对中国的主角们产生更多搞笑的遐想,而不是停在泰国人妖身上《曼谷邮报一个专栏作家道虽然人们很容易把《泰囧看作“一部肤浅、粗俗的打闹喜剧,其中充斥着囧事,以及不顾及他人(有的是对其他国家)感受的笑话”,但是事实明,“该片对其他文化还是很敏感和尊重的”,这一点,也许是好莱坞应该借鉴的地方 539遵义看男科

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