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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is promising to rebuild parts of central Italy after Sundays 6.6 magnitude earthquake, Italys most powerful quake in 36 years.意大利中部星期天发生6.6级地震后,总理伦齐承诺重建。这是意大利36年来最强烈的一次地震;We will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. Everything that needs to be done to rebuild these areas will be done,; Renzi said.伦齐说:“我们要进行全面重建,住宅,教堂和企业。我们要尽全力重建。”No one was killed Sunday, but at least 20 minor injuries were reported.星期天的地震没有人员丧生,不过有至少20人受轻伤。Large boulders and rockslides blocked several highways, completely cutting off some villages from the outside. A nearly non-stop series of small aftershocks were making conditions difficult for emergency workers.大石块和滚石阻塞了当地的好几条高速公路,彻底切断了一些村庄跟外界的联系,余震也给救灾工作带来了困难。The U.S. National Geological Survey says Sundays quake was centered near Norcia and was relatively shallow, at a depth of 10 kilometers, making it felt over a widesp area, and as far south as Rome, 90 kilometers to the south.美国地质调查局说,这次地震震中在诺尔恰附近,是一次深度为10公里的浅层地震,所以影响地区广泛,90公里以南的首都罗马也有震感。Schools will be closed in Rome Monday so buildings can be inspected for structural damage, according to the Rome municipality website.罗马市政府网站宣布,星期一学校停课,便于检查建筑物是否受损。来 /201611/475472U.S. President Barack Obama has told fellow party members he is certain a Democrat will be the next president of the ed States.美国总统奥巴马告诉民主党人说,他确信下任美国总统将是民主党人。Speaking Thursday in Baltimore, just north of Washington, the president said, ;Democrats will win in November and we will have a Democratic president succeeding me - just in case theres any confusion about that.;奥巴马星期四在美国首都华盛顿以北的巴尔的表示,民主党人将赢1月的总统大选,一位民主党总统将接替他的职位,这一点毋需置疑。Obama said he was confident of his prediction because Democrats ;focus on the things that matter in the lives of American people.;奥巴马说,他之所以相信这一预言会实现,是因为民主党人把注意力集中在与美国人民生活息息相关的问题上。Obama, in a jab against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said that ;Were not going to strengthen our leadership around the world by allowing politicians to insult Muslims or pit groups of Americans against each other.;奥巴马抨击共和党总统参选人川普。他说,如果容许政界人士侮辱穆斯林或挑起美国各群体之间的对抗,就不能加强美国在世界上的领导地位。来 /201602/424984The U.S. and Iraq have agreed on a plan that will send about 600 additional American troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul from Islamic State, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Wednesday.美国国防部长卡特星期三宣布,美国和伊拉克达成一项增00多名美军前往伊拉克的计划,协助伊拉克从伊斯兰国手中夺回苏尔。Speaking to reporters in New Mexico, Carter said the increase is part of the coalitions ;accelerating campaign; to ;isolate and collapse; Islamic States control over Mosul and ;expand gains by Iraqi Security Forces elsewhere in Iraq.;卡特在新墨西哥州对记者说,增派美军是联军“加速攻势”的一部分,以“孤立和粉碎”伊斯兰国对苏尔的控制,并“扩大伊拉克保安部队在其他地区的战果。”A U.S. defense official put the total number at 615, bringing the number of American troops authorized to fight IS in Iraq at 5,262.一名美国国防官员说,增派的美军人数15人,从而将美国授权在伊拉克与伊斯兰国作战的总兵力增262人。Carter said the additional U.S. military personnel will train, advise and assist Iraqi Security Forces and Kurdish Peshmerga. They also will be used to improve logistics and to intensify intelligence operations with a “special emphasison uncovering IS plans to launch terror attacks against Baghdad and the West.卡特说,增派的美军人员将训练、建议并协助伊拉克保安部队和库尔德自由战士。他们还将被用来改善后勤工作并加强情报行动,“特别着重于”破获伊斯兰国对巴格达和西方发动恐怖袭击的阴谋。Carter also echoed other top U.S. defense officials who have suggested the battle to retake Mosul could get under way in a matter of weeks.卡特也表达了与其他美国高层国防官员相同的看法。他们提出,重新夺回苏尔的战斗几个星期之内就有可能展开。来 /201610/469089

Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday announced with his Saudi host that the two countries welcome the progress made in China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) free trade area negotiation, and agreed to establish the free trade area as early as possible as he started his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.周二,中国国家主席习近平开启了他对沙特阿拉伯为期两天的访问。在访问期间,习主席同沙特国家领导人宣布了两国就中国—海合会自由贸易区谈判取得的进展,并且就尽早建立自由贸易区达成了共识。They also pledged to resolutely oppose terrorism in any form that threatens world peace and stability, vowing to strengthen security cooperation.双方还宣布要加强安全方面的合作,互相承诺坚定不移地反对以任何形式威胁世界和平稳定的恐怖主义;We are against linking terrorism with any religion or religious sect,; the two countries announced in a joint statement signed as Xi is visiting the kingdom.在习近平主席访问沙特时签署的两国共同声明中这样写道:“我们反对将恐怖主义与任何宗教或宗教派别联系在一起”。Wu Yihong, an expert on the Middle East, told the Global Times that another main focus of Xis Saudi trip will be upgrading Chinas and Saudi Arabias energy cooperation, which is at the center of the two countries economic ties.中东问题专家吴艺红告诉《环球时报》,习近平主席访沙的另一个主要关注点是提高中沙之间的能源合作,这也是两国经济关系的核心问题。Saudi Arabia is Chinas biggest global supplier of crude oil and its biggest trading partner in West Asia and Africa, as well as a heavyweight among Gulf monarchies. In 2013, China became the biggest trading partner of Saudi Arabia for the first time.沙特阿拉伯是中国的最大原油供应商,也是中国在西亚和非洲的最大贸易伙伴,同时是海湾地区的重量级君主国013年,中国首次成为沙特阿拉伯的最大贸易伙伴。Two-way trade reached .1 billion in 2014, 230 times more than at the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1990. Today, one in six barrels of the crude oil China imports comes from Saudi Arabia.2014年,双方贸易值达到了六百九十一亿美元,990年两国建交时多达230倍。今天,中国每进口六桶原油就有一桶来自沙特阿拉伯。Analysts said the upgrade is driven by Chinas weaker-than-expected crude oil demand and Saudi Arabias desire to diversify its economy.分析人士称,这次合作升级是由中国的原油需求疲软推动的,而沙特阿拉伯则希望能使其经济多样化。Xis visit also seeks to enhance cooperation with Saudi in infrastructure and investment.习近平主席的访问还将寻求与沙特扩大基础设施建设和投资的合作。来 /201601/423391

The first national gene bank, built by Chinas gene research giant BGI, started trial operation last Saturday in Shenzhen.我国首个国家级基因库上周六在深圳投入试运行。该基因库由国内基因研究巨头华大基因建设。Wang Jian, chairman of the company, said the gene bank has a collection of 10m samples of biological resources. The project is expected to boost research and business in fields of health, agriculture, diverse species and environmental protection.据华大基因董事长汪建介绍,该基因库已存储生物资源样本1000万份。该项目将推动健康、农业、物种多样性和环保等领域的研究和业务。Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2011, the facility is dedicated to storing and managing the countrys unique genetic resources and data, as well as biological information.该基因库011年由国家发改委批复,用于储存和管理我国特殊的基因资源、数据和生物信息。Wang said the company also plans to set up a national laboratory on genomics.汪建称,该公司还计划建立一座国家级的基因组学实验室。In addition, BGI announced on June 19th, 2016 that it, along with several institutional investors, launched a startup incubator on application of gene technology.同时,华大基因于20169日宣布,公司获得一些机构的投资,将正式启动基因技术应用创投孵化平台。The company promised to open its technology platform and data to members of the incubator.公司保将向其他初创公司公开科技平台和数据。来 /201606/451631

Twenty-five years ago this month, the five Central Asian states were cut off from the Soviet Union and forced to stand on their own. It was a shock to their systems.正是5年前的那2月,五个中亚国家被迫从苏Soviet Union)脱离出来,不得不独立自主。对他们的体制来说,这是一场冲击。In the turmoil that saw the break-up of the Union and all 15 of the Soviet republics regain their independence, the five Central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were reluctant participants.在那场导致苏联解体5个加盟共和国全部重新独立的动荡中,哈萨克斯坦、吉尔吉斯斯坦、乌兹别克斯坦、塔吉克斯坦、土库曼斯坦这五个中亚国家是身不由己的。On a freezing night in December 1991, I stood on the tarmac of Ashkhabad airport in Turkmenistan as plane after plane carrying the CA heads of state and their delegations landed. The motley Turkmen band, their fingers frozen, struck up the new national anthems as scowling presidents shook hands with their hosts.19912月的一个寒夜,我站在土库曼斯坦阿什哈巴德机场的停机坪上,一架架载着中亚各国元首及代表团的飞机相继着陆。脸色阴沉的各国总统与东道主一一握手,土库曼方面杂凑的、手指冻得僵硬的乐队在一旁奏响各国的新国歌。The big story was in Moscow but although this scene was no less fascinating and historic, i was the only international correspondent monitoring the events here, from the perspective of Central Asia.当时重头戏都在莫斯科,然而,尽管此情此景同样令人感慨和具有历史意义,我却是当时唯一在场观察的国际记者——从中亚的角度来看。A few days earlier, on December 8 1991, Russia’s president, Boris Yeltsin, had signed a treaty with the those of Belarus and Ukraine formally disbanding the Soviet Union and creating a new Commonwealth of Independent States. Nobody had asked the CA leaders if they wanted to join. They had been abandoned by their overlord, Russia.19912日,俄罗斯总统鲍里#8226;叶利Boris Yeltsin)与白俄罗斯、乌克兰两国总统签署了一项条约,决定正式解散苏联,新成立一个“独立国家联合体Commonwealth of Independent States)。没人问过中亚各国领导人是否也想加入。他们已被自己的宗主国俄罗斯抛弃。That night in Turkmenistan I spoke to the leaders and other officials in the government dachas. They were furious, and depressed. The particular focus of their anger was Russia, whom CA officials accused of racial and ethnic discrimination and dictatorial behaviour. Moscow, however, had seen the CA states, despite their oil, gas and agricultural wealth, as an economic burden and was eager to be free of their dependency.当晚在土库曼斯坦位于郊外的政府别墅中,我采访了几位领导人及其他官员。他们非常愤怒,神情沮丧。尤其让他们感到气愤的是俄罗斯,中亚国家官员指责俄罗斯的种族、民族歧视和独裁行径。而莫斯科方面已将拥有丰富石油、天然气和农业资源的中亚国家视为经济负担,迫切希望摆脱这些国家的依赖。In previous weeks, As the break-up of the Union had loomed, the CA leaders had turned their Soviet socialist republics into independent republics, abandoned their titles of communist party bosses of their respective states and held hasty elections that were heavily rigged in their favour.在前一段时间里,随着苏联濒临解体,中亚各国领导人已将各自主政的苏维埃社会主义共和国转变为独立共和国,放弃了作为各国共产党总书记的头衔,并仓促举行存在严重舞弊、使选情对自己有利的选举。But in truth they wanted nothing to do with independence. Their economies, infrastructure, financial aid, exports and media had all been governed by Moscow. Now, after so long under the thumb of Russia, they feared that they would not be able to run independent states and did not have the skills to manage their own affairs.但实际上,他们一点也不想独立。这些国家的经济、基础设施、财政援助、出口和媒体以前都由莫斯科操控。经过俄罗斯长时期的控制,他们现在担心的是,自己无法治理独立的国家,没有能力管理本国事务。Once, the ‘’hordes’of the Mongol, Kazak and Uzbek tribes and clans had ruled Russia, but now their leaders were begging the country not to desert them. They feared that independence would unleash the genies of democracy and nationalism and demands for freedom among their tightly repressed and controlled populations.历史上,蒙古、哈萨克、乌兹别克各族的游牧部落曾经统治过俄罗斯,但如今他们的领导人却乞求俄罗斯不要抛弃他们。他们害怕独立会在本国饱受压制的民众间释放民主、民族主义的幽灵并唤起对自由的要求。The day after the Turkmenistan gathering the leaders went cap in hand to Moscow and demanded to join the CIS on an equal basis with the other nations. On December 21 in Almaty, then the capital of Kazakhstan, the CIS was formed with 11 out of 15 of the former Soviet republics as members.土库曼斯坦峰会后第二天,这些领导人又毕恭毕敬地来到莫斯科,要求在与其他国家平等的基础上加入独联体21日,在哈萨克斯坦当时的首都阿拉木图,独联体正式成立,成员包括前苏5个加盟共和国中的11个。The CA leaders promised at that time to work together to form an economic union to resolve their myriad problems. ‘’A Central Asian community is the need of the hour,’Askar Akayev, then Kyrgyz president told me in 1991. ‘’All the CA states must get together to form a new confederation or our economic development will be stalled,’said the Uzbek president, Islam Karimov, who died in September after 27 years in power.当时,中亚各国领导人承诺共同努力建立一个经济联盟,以解决众多方面的问题991年,时任吉尔吉斯斯坦总统阿斯卡尔#8226;阿卡耶夫(Askar Akayev)接受采访时对我说:“建立中亚共同体是当务之急。”乌兹别克斯坦总统伊斯#8226;卡里莫夫(Islam Karimov)表示:“所有中亚国家必须团结一致,组建一个新联盟,否则我们的经济发展将陷入停滞。”掌7年之久的卡里莫夫于今月去世。Instead, they spent years bickering as their economies plummeted and living standards crashed. Today, many Central Asians remember the “gloriousperiod of communism when their basic needs were met and their health and educational systems flourished.实际情况是,多年来他们一直不停地争吵,同时各国经济急剧下滑,人民生活水平一落千丈。如今,许多中亚人还怀念那段“光辉的”共产主义岁月,那时,人们的基本需求得到满足,医疗和教育体制蓬勃发展。The CA republicspolitical systems never developed after 1991 and with the exception of Kyrgyzstan they each remain in the grip of a single party. Their moribund political systems and refusal to change have plunged their populations into despair and led to a mass exodus of people into other states looking for work .991年以来,中亚各共和国的政治制度毫无进步,除了吉尔吉斯斯坦,其他国家仍都处于一党控制之下。死气沉沉的政治体制和对变革的抗拒,已经让这些国家的民众陷入绝望,大批民众跑到其他国家寻找工作。There have been disputes between the republics over borders and the control and flow of water, gas and electricity and political jealousies. And there are new threats on the horizon such as the rise of China on their borders, the dangers posed by Islamist extremists and continuing war in Afghanistan.围绕边界以及水、天然气和电力资源,各共和国之间一直存在争端,还有各种政治猜忌。他们还面临新的威胁,如邻国中国的崛起、伊斯兰极端分子带来的危险以及阿富汗旷日持久的战争。Uzbekistan, the largest and most powerful state under a new leader, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is only now reaching out to its neighbours to try to resolve some of the bitter rivalries. After 25 years it is clear that the post-Soviet CA economies are not independently sustainable. They need reform, and they need each other.作为中亚最大、实力最强的国家,乌兹别克斯坦在新上台的沙夫卡特#8226;米尔济约耶夫(Shavkat Mirziyoyev)的领导下,现在才开始向邻国伸出橄榄枝,尝试解决一些存在激烈对抗的问题。经5年,事实已经很明显,后苏联时代的中亚各经济体无法独自实现可持续发展。他们需要改革,也彼此需要。来 /201612/486148

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