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And it#39;s this soft, spongy bit in the middle.中间有这种柔软的棉花状的东西What#39;s great about this,you put a spark to it, it will burn as an ember,and it will keep burning.这东西了不起的地方就在于 它一旦沾上火苗 就像余烬一样 会一直燃烧So it means you can travel and always have fire near at hand.这就意味着你可以在旅途中 时刻持有火焰The last thing I#39;m gonna do before breaking camp is just use a bit of this tinder fungus.在拆掉大本营之前我要做的最后一件事 便是弄一点这种火焰菌And all I need is that.And then just put a bit of fire to it.我需要的只有这个 然后给它点上火That will then stay lit absolutely ages.这样它就能一直燃烧着了And when primitive man discovered that they could effectively store fire by taking an ember in this tinder fungus,当原始人发现他们能 通过这种火焰菌有效地储存火苗时it completely changed the way that they hunted.他们的传统狩猎模式就完全被颠覆了You see, men, they could now travel further afield to hunt,这样的话人类就可以到更远的地方狩猎Safe in the knowledge that they could always have fire when they needed it.知道身边有固定的 火源总是件让人安心的事And that#39;s just gonna slowly smolder away.这会慢慢烧烬All I need do is wrap it loosely in some moss and then I can travel with that.Okay.我只需用些苔藓小心的把它包起来 就能带着它和我一起上路了 好了Let#39;s get on the move.With a portable fire stored safely in my pack,I can be on my way.出发了 包里有着稳定的火源 我就能安心上路了But you won#39;t get far on an empty stomach.但空着肚子可走不远If you#39;re gonna survive here,your number-one priority now is to find food.如果你想在这生存下去 现在的首要任务就是寻找食物Oh, hang on.This is a part-developed chick fetus.等等 里面是半形成的小鸡胚胎 Article/201705/507452。

3(1):单句-描述衣英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16680。

So there#39;s a place in Philly called Barclay Prime and their cheesesteak costs a 0.在费城有个叫Barclay Prime的店面,他家的起司牛排售价100美元。Now the average cheesesteak costs about but Barclay Prime has been really successful.一般的起司牛排也就5美元,但是Barclay Prime确实很成功。And of course there are many factors as to why, but one of the factors is social currency.当然有很多因素可以解释为什么,但是其中之一就是社会身价。And the idea with social currency is that people share whatever makes them look good.社会身价的想法就是人们会分享任何让他们看上去体面的东西。So if anything makes you look good, or smart, or cool,you#39;re much more likely to share it.如果有什么东西让你看上去体面,聪明,或是很酷,你就更有可能去分享它。So let#39;s say you#39;re in Philly and you get a regular cheesesteak…所以比方你在费城买了一个普通的5美元牛排…That#39;s probably not something that you#39;re gonna want to tell everyone about.这可能就不是什么值得告诉别人的事情。But imagine if you go out for dinner and get the 0 cheesesteak…但是设想一下,如果你出去就餐吃了份100美金的牛排…That#39;s probably something that you#39;re going to tell all your friends about.你就有可能会告诉你所有的朋友。And if you#39;re like most people and can#39;t enjoy good things without posting a picture of it on Facebook or Instagram,如果你和大多数人一样,必须在Facebook和Instagram上发布图片才能尽情享受的话,you#39;re probably going to share a picture of the cheesesteak as well just to show us你可能也会分享一张牛排的图片,来展示给我们that you#39;re still really cool and you eat really expensive things.你真的很酷,吃了这么贵的东西。So the first principle is social currency, and the idea here is…所以第一条原则是社会身价,也就是…If sharing your idea or product makes someone look good, they#39;re much more likely to share it.如果分享你的想法或产品会让某人看起来体面,他们就有更大的可能去分享。And there are also five other principles that Jonah Berger has identified还有其他五条由约拿·柏格认定的原则,for why things catch on and why they go viral.用来解释为什么有些事情会流行及扩散开来。And he has a PhD from Stanford, he teaches at Wharton,他拥有斯坦福的士学位并在沃顿任教,and he#39;s basically an expert on viral marketing.他最本质的工作是病毒营销的专家。And after all his research, he#39;s identified these six factors that he calls STEPPS.经过研究,他认了这六项因素,并把它们称之为STEPPS。So moving on to factor number two… Triggers…所以来看第二个因素…诱因…How are you reminded of the idea or the product?你是如何想起某个想法或产品的呢?So you#39;ve probably seen the song Friday by Rebecca Black你可能知道瑞贝卡·布莱克的歌曲星期五,which has millions of views on YouTube.在YouTube上有上百万的浏览量。And again there are many reasons for why it got so many views,有很多原因可以解释它为什么能有这么多的浏览量,but one reason is that it has a really good trigger.但是有一点就是它有一个真正好的触发因素。So if you actually take a look at the stats on YouTube for how people watch that ,如果你认真看过YouTube上,关于人们如何浏览视频,所做的统计数据,you#39;ll see a spike in views every Friday.会发现在每周五有一个高峰。Now imagine if the song was about the first day of school or something like that…现在可以想象一下,如果这首歌是关于开学第一天之类的…Same amazing lyrics, same amazing vocals, same everything.同样的歌词,同样的声音,所有的都一样。A lot of people might still watch it on the first day of school,很多人可能在开学第一天会观看,but people probably aren#39;t going to watch it two weeks after the first day of school,但是在开学第一天之后or a month, or three months after.或者一个月,三个月之后,人们可能就不会去看了。So Friday is actually a really good trigger because it happens every week…所以星期五真的是一个很好的触发因素,因为每周都会有星期五…And Kit Kat did the same thing in 2007.奇巧巧克力在2007年做过同样的事情。Their sales were declining every year and they needed an effective marketing campaign.他们的销量逐年下降,所以极需一场有效的营销活动。And what they did was they decided to link Kit Kat to coffee.他们决定把奇巧和咖啡关联在一起。So in all of their advertisements, Kit Kat was always presented with coffee.所以在他们的所有广告里,奇巧总是和咖啡同时呈现。Now to someone who doesn#39;t understand the power of triggers, the coffee might not mean anything.对于不懂诱因作用的人来说,咖啡可能没有任何意义。It#39;s just part of the advertisement;它只是广告的一部分。they had to put something in there so they just put coffee in there.他们必须在广告中加入一些什么东西,只是选中了咖啡而已。In fact, why don#39;t we advertise it with hot chocolate?事实上,我们为什么不把奇巧和巧克力热饮放在一起做广告呢?It might taste even better with hot chocolate…和热饮一起可能尝起来口感更好一些…But that#39;s not the point! The point is that但那不是重点!重点是we want to link Kit Kat to something that gets consumed all the time like coffee,我们想要把奇巧和一种消费频率很高的商品联系在一起,咖啡的消费频率就很高,so every time a person thinks of coffee, he also thinks of Kit Kat.所以每次人们想到咖啡,就会想起奇巧。And yes, it might taste even better with hot chocolate, but again that#39;s not the point,是的,可能和热饮一起尝起来味道更好,但再次强调那不是重点,people don#39;t drink as much hot chocolate as coffee.人们喝的咖啡要远远多于热饮。And Kit Kat#39;s sales had been declining 5 percent every year,奇巧的销量每年下降五个百分点,but in the next twelve months after the campaign, its sales actually were up by a third.但是在营销活动之后的12个月里,销量上升了三分之一。So the second principle is triggers, and the idea here is…所以第二条原则是诱因,如下…People need to be reminded of your idea or product,人们需要记起你的想法或产品,and you can help them by providing a strong trigger.你可以提供一个明显的触发因素来帮助他们。The third principle is Emotion. When people feel strong emotions, they want to share.第三个原则是情感。当人们感情强烈的时候,他们就想要去分享。So think of Susan Boyle#39;s performance on Britain#39;s Got Talent.所以考虑一下苏珊·波伊尔在英国达人秀中的表现。Strong emotions like awe or happiness get people to share.人们会去分享一些,诸如敬畏、高兴等的强烈情感。Even strong emotions that aren#39;t positive like anger and anxiety get people to share.就算是像生气、焦虑之类的消极情感,人们也去分享。And this is really what the media relies on now.这就是媒体所真正依赖的。The angrier and more anxious they make us, the more we share.他们让我们越生气和焦虑,我们就越想要分享。So strong emotions are good, but the emotion you want to stay away from is sadness.所以说强烈的感情是好的,但是你肯定想远离悲伤。People don#39;t really like to share something if it makes them sad.人们真的不喜欢分享一些令他们感到悲伤的事情。The fourth principle is public, or what#39;s usually known as social proof.第四条原则是公共原则,通常叫作社会认同。And the idea here is that our decisions are affected by what everyone else around us is doing.也就是说我们的决定受到周围其他人行为的影响。So if you actually take a look at car buying behavior,所以如果你审视一个买车行为,one of the factors that affects whether someone will buy a new car or not is影响某人是否买新车的一个因素是whether his neighbors and community are buying new cars.他的邻居和社区里的人有没有买新车。And if they#39;re all buying a new car, he#39;s much more likely to buy a new car as well.如果他们都买了新车,他有很大的可能也买个新车。And Apple had this dilemma with their laptops.苹果公司的笔记本电脑就遇到过这种困境。The apple logo actually used to face the owner of the laptop when it was closed.在笔记本合上的时候,苹果的商标是面朝电脑持有者的。And that was a convenience for the user对于使用者来说很方便,because it was easier to orient the computer once you got it out of your bag.因为一旦你从包里拿出来,很容易辨认。But the problem is that once the laptop was opened,但是问题在于一旦笔记本打开之后,the logo was upside down to everyone else in the coffee shop or wherever you were.对于在咖啡店或者你所在地方的其他人来说,商标就上下颠倒了。So a decision had to be made whether the owner#39;s convenience was more important所以他们需要决定是让使用者的便利更重要than everyone else looking at the laptop.还是让看到电脑的其他人方便更重要。And they actually decided that the public image was more important.他们决定公众形象更重要一些。So the fourth principle is public, and the idea here is…所以第四个原则是公共原则,也就是…Can people see when others are using our product?当人们在使用我们的产品的时候,其他人能看得到吗?The fifth principle is practical value.第五条原则是实用价值。If you can actually offer someone something that really helps them,如果你真的能给别人提供一些能帮助他们的东西,they#39;re gonna want to share it with the people they know.他们就会同他们认识的人分享。So one of the shortest, easiest s I#39;ve ever made我曾经制作过一个短小简洁的was a two minute about my new favorite way to .两分钟视频,是关于我最喜欢的读书方式的。And there were so many people who liked that . And it#39;s been shared so many times.有许多人都很喜欢。所以也就分享了很多次。And the reason for that is because if you use that method,产生这种结果的原因就是,如果你用那种方法,you could actually this book in only three hours.就可以在三个小时内读完这本书。Now a lot of people take weeks to one book,现在很多人要花几周才能读完一本书,so if someone shares with you a way where you can a book in three hours instead of three weeks,所以如果有人分享给你一种新的方法,可以用三个小时而不是三周,来读完这本书,there#39;s practical value in it.这就存在实用价值。And if you know someone who wants to more and has been struggling with it,如果你知道某人想要读的更多,却没有办法的时候,of course you#39;d share it with him. So the fifth principle is practical value.当然你可以分享给他。所以第五种原则是实用价值。Anytime you can actually help people and make their life better,任何时候只要你能真的帮助别人,并让他们过得更好,they#39;re gonna want to share it and help their friends and family as well.他们就愿意分享并帮助他们的朋友和家人。And finally the sixth principle… Stories…最后第六条原则…故事…So in 2004 in the Olympics, this guy snuck into the diving area在2004年奥运会的时候,一伙计潜入到跳水区域and belly flopped into the pool.还跳进了池子里。And he also had a name of a casino written across his chest.在他的前胸上还写了一个的名字。Now that#39;s a great story and it got covered那是一个极好的故事,引起了关注,and people talked about it but the story has nothing to do with the casino.人们讨论它,但是这个故事和没有任何关系。You can tell that story without saying anything about the casino,你可以在不谈论的情况下讨论这个故事。so it wasn#39;t really the most effective advertisement.所以它不是最有效的广告。On the other hand, some companies do this much better.另一方面,有些公司就做的更好一些。So Blendtec is a blender company that makes a series called Will It Blend?布仁德泰克是一个搅拌机公司,制作了名为“它会搅拌吗”的视频系列。And they make s where they#39;ll put weird things like a brand new iPhone into their blender他们做的视频里,把一些奇怪的东西,比如一个崭新的iPhone,放到他们的搅拌机里,and blend it into powder. Now that#39;s a cool story.并把它搅拌成粉末。一个很酷的故事。If you saw that, you might want to share it with your friends,如果你看过那个视频,可能想分享给朋友,but notice how the product is an integral part of that story.但是请注意到产品是怎样成为那个故事的一部分的。You can#39;t tell that story without the blender.如果不提到搅拌机,这个故事就没法讲。And especially technically-oriented people have a really hard time understanding尤其是技术导向的人们很难理解that most people don#39;t talk about weird specs and details, they share stories.大多数人不会讨论规格或细节,他们只分享故事。When you hang out with your friends, you#39;re probably not going to tell them about当你和朋友出去逛街的时候,你可能不会告诉他们how there#39;s a new blender with improved revolutions per minute on its blades,一个用到新技术的搅拌机每分钟有多少转速,but you might share the story of how you saw the new iPhone got blended into powder.但是你可能会分享给他们把iPhone搅成粉末的这个故事。So the sixth principle is stories. Most people don#39;t care about specs and details, they share stories.所以第六条原则是故事。大部分人不在意规格和细节,他们只讲故事。What you have to figure out is how your product or idea can be a relevant part of a cool story.你需要搞清楚的是,怎样才能让你的产品或想法能成为一个好故事的一部分。And your product or idea doesn#39;t have to have all of these six principles.你的产品或想法不必全部涵盖这六项原则。Some of these might not even be very applicable to certain products and ideas.有一些可能也不适用于某些产品或想法。So obviously the more the better, but there are plenty of products or ideas很明显越多越好,但是有很多产品或想法that have a couple of these factors that are very strong and they do really well.只是涵盖了几个因素,它们的效果同样非常好。So to recap the STEPPS again…所以再次重述STEPPS原则…Social currency: does sharing the product or idea make you look good?社会身价:分享这些产品或想法会让你看上去体面吗?Triggers: how are you reminded of the idea or the product? Is there a good trigger?诱因:你是怎么想起来某种想法或产品的呢?有一个很好的触发因素吗?Emotion: when people feel strong emotions, they want to share.情感:当人们情感强烈的时候,他们就想去分享。Public: can people see when others are using our product?公共原则:当别人在用我们的产品的时候,人们能看的到吗?Practical value: is your idea or product actually useful or helpful? And finally…实用价值:你的想法或是产品真的实用吗,真的有帮助吗?最后…Stories: people communicate through stories.故事:人们通过故事来交流。What you have to figure out is how your product or idea can be a relevant part of a cool story.你需要搞清楚的是怎样让你的产品或是想法成为一个好故事的相关部分。 Article/201706/515067。

Simon is the camera man.It#39;s really an exciting job to do.西蒙是摄像师 这是个令人兴奋无比的工作cause you#39;ve just travelled on the world,we get to explore out,we gotta get messy, climb thing,always adventure.在探索大自然的过程中 我们披荆斩棘 面对复杂的地形环境 总是险象环生Ex-royal marine commando Dave,is an expert mountaineer.前英国皇家海军陆战队队员戴夫 是个登山家For me, the motivation is the team and the people within this small team.对我来说 这个小团队的所有人和事 都是我的动力And former paratrooper Danny cool the main secure.还有退役伞兵丹尼 他负责主要的安保工作I#39;ve just watched it all time,you know, just to make sure everything is going right.我时刻保持目不转睛地观察 只为确保一切安全进行The team just get on really, really well,and Bear is definately the kingpin in that.我们的团队合作无间 贝尔毫无疑问是我们的主心骨Bear would take a bold by the holy saying ;come on, let#39;s just do it;.贝尔会直面危险 随时准备放手一搏Let#39;s do it. Let#39;s go, friend. Let#39;s do it.开始吧 动手吧Whatever environment to deal with,the first challenge is always the most difficult.无论你将面对何等环境 正所谓万事开头难Getting to solic ground.头等大事便是安全着陆We#39;ve filmed some of the most remote location on earth,and the only way in is used by parachute.我们录制过地球上许多人迹罕至的区域 走进它的唯一方法 就是空降In Alaska, the team and I joined forces with the search-and-rescue operation.How do you do? How do you do?在阿拉斯加 摄制组与搜救部队展开合作 你好 你好They gonna take me high for mountains in that HH-60 Pavel.他们要用这架HH-60帕尔维直升机 将我送到山顶It#39;s a pretty typical things for us,you know, get a heli on the ground here.直升机停在身边的情况 我们早已司空见惯We are just waiting that with they gonna have a big brief the military guys who gonna fly the thing.我们现在只需等待 他们和稍后即将驾驶飞机的 军人们进行详细的计划讨论就好 Article/201610/471879。

It#39;s about time your makeup kept up with your fast-paced lifestyle. From a romantic dinner date to the hottest club opening, every day is filled with countless events, and every occasion calls for a different look.是时候让你的妆容跟上你快节奏的生活方式了。从一顿浪漫晚餐约会、到最火辣的夜店开幕,每天都充满数不尽的活动,而每一个场合都需要一个不同的妆容。The season#39;s hottest red carpet celebrity looks, the most inspired fashion-forward runway trend—all at your fingertips! Smoky cat eyes, bright pink lips—instantly replicated in less than 30 seconds! Upload and show off your amazing new look!本季最火的红毯明星妆容、最激发灵感的时尚伸展台潮流--全都在你指尖!烟熏猫眼、亮粉色唇妆--短短三十秒内立刻复制!上传炫耀你美呆了的新妆容吧!Get y for the MODA, the world#39;s first digital makeup artist. Only by FOREO.准备迎接MODA,全世界首台数字妆大师。FOREO独家呈现。It integrates cutting-edge 3D printing technology with the most advanced real-time facial mapping software. The MODA#39;s biometric lens scans and analyzes every nook, cranny, and plane of your face. Made from FDA-approved mineral powder that is safe, natural, and breathable on your skin, it goes on in three steps: Primer, foundation, and high-impact color. Whatever your look, the FOREO MODA will help you rock it to its full potential. Once again, FOREO is revolutionizing the beauty world. The MODA will transform makeup application forever.它整合尖端3D打印技术以及最先进的实时脸部扫图软件。MODA 的生物特征镜头扫描并分析你脸上每个小角落和肌肤表面。由FDA认安全、自然且在肌肤上可透气的矿物粉末制成,它分三步骤上妆:妆前乳、粉底,以及亮眼妆。无论你的妆容是什么,FOREO MODA都会帮你将它变成最完美。再一次,FOREO彻底改革美的世界。MODA将会永远改变上妆的方式。Discover more at foreo.com/moda.到foreo.com/moda发现更多。 Article/201611/478317。

He had found a single jawbone and it was from a mid-Jurassic mammal.他找到了一块颚骨,它属于一种中侏罗世哺乳动物It#39;s just what you dream for. We were very happy in the field,这是我梦想的时刻。在场的人都非常高兴but of course once we got back to lab我们后来把它带回到实验室and we, after a month of very careful and painful preparation of the specimen经过整整一个月小心翼翼的标本准备工作we realised how unique this was, that was something beyond our dreams. It was so good.我们意识到它非常特别,有些东西出乎我们的预料。这实在太棒了What he could do now was compare his mid-Jurassic mammal with ones from the Northern Hemisphere.现在他要做的就是把这只中侏罗世哺乳动物和北半球的那些进行比较If he could find any significant differences between the fossils, it could be a sign of vicariance.如果他能找到这些化石间的重要区别,那么地理分隔就有了据When he compared them, it was clear that他比较后发现,the South American mammal was a very similar type of creature to those in the north,南美洲的哺乳动物显然和北方的那些动物非常相似but when Dr Rougier looked at the jawbones more closely, he spotted something.可是当Rougier士更仔细地研究颚骨时,他有了一些发现。This is the southern jaw and we can see that there is a groove right here on the back of the jaw.这是南美洲的颚骨,我们可以看到在颚骨后面的这个部位有一个凹槽The South American fossil had a tiny groove.南美洲的化石有一个小凹槽It wasn#39;t much, but to Dr Rougier it was vital它很不起眼,但是Rougier士认为这就是关键,because fossils from the Northern Hemisphere don#39;t have that groove.因为北半球的那些化石都没有这个凹槽 Article/201706/513885。

Tories accused the Whigs of being fanatics,托利党指责辉格党盲目狂热the dregs of the populace, atheists, Commonwealth men.是民众 无神论者和共和党人的渣滓Whigs accused Tories of being willing tools of the Jesuits and the French.辉格党控诉托利党 是耶稣会士和法国的傀儡和爪牙Since the Revolution said there should be an election every three years,由于革命中曾提倡 每三年一竞选this guaranteed an awful lot of politics.造成了不计其数的的政治运动The political temperature reached fever pitch in 1714 when Queen Anne died with no heir.政治斗争在1714年进入了白热化阶段 当时安妮女王去世而后继无人To make sure of a Protestant successor,为了确保新教徒继承王位no fewer than 57 individuals with blood ties to Anne were passed over to arrive at the next King of England,至少57名和安妮女王有血缘关系的王室成员 被否决了登基的权利an uncharismatic, middle-aged man who didn#39;t speak English.一位平凡的不会说英文的中年男子George, Elector of Hanover,now King George I of Great Britain.汉诺威选帝侯 乔治 成为了大不列颠的国王 乔治一世It was the Whigs who backed his arrival in Britain辉格党使得他能够顺利返回大不列颠and were rewarded when the new king appointed a Whig government.国王加冕后他们顺理成章受命组阁In response, the Tories ridiculed the new king as a lecherous dolt.作为反击 托利党 指称新国王是个荒淫的傻瓜His coronation was greeted with rioting in twenty towns.迎接新国王加冕的是二十个城镇的暴动 /201705/509347。