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A Boy, A Dog, A Frog and A Friend1 One day a boy went fishing with his dog and his frog.He sat by the side of a pond and patiently waited for a fish to bite.2 All of a sudden he felt a bite!3 It had to be a big fish because it bent the pole and started to pull the boy into the water. 4 The fish was so strong it yanked the boy and his pole right into the pond. The dog and frog jumped in after the boy. 5-6 Well, it turned out it wasn’t a fish at all. It was a turtle! The turtle swam across the pond with the boy’s fishing pole and began to walk away with it. When the boy saw what was happening, he yelled at the turtle. “You come back here with my fishing pole!”7 The dog swam over to the turtle and started to bark and paw at him. 8 While the dog distracted the turtle, the boy took back his fishing pole. The turtle didn’t like the dog barking at him so he bit the dog’s paw.9 The boy tried to help his dog by pulling him away from the turtle, but the turtle wouldn’t let go.10 The boy put the dog over his shoulder and started to walk back across the pond. The stubborn turtle still wouldn’t let go of the poor dog’s paw.11 Finally, when they were in the middle of the pond, the turtle couldn’t hold on any longer and he fell into the water.12 The boy carried the dog out of the pond and the frog climbed out too. The boy was happy the turtle was gone. So was the dog who licked his sore paw.13 The frog and the dog waited for the boy while he packed up his fishing gear. The dog’s paw was still sore so he licked it some more while his tail dangled in the water.14 Oh no! The turtle snuck up on the dog and grabbed his tail.15 The turtle yanked the dog right into the water! The dog struggled to stay afloat. The boy didn’t know what to do.16 While the boy started to take his clothes off, the frog jumped toward the water as hard as he could. The turtle pulled the dog farther and farther under the water.17 The boy hurried to take off his clothes. The frog dove in the water but the dog was now all the way under.18 The boy was almost undressed when he saw the dog come swimming back to shore.19 The dog was wet and weary from his underwater struggle. The frog looked under the water for the turtle.20 They were all shocked to see the turtle floating on his back. The turtle had died! 21 The boy used a stick to pull the turtle out of the water.22 The boy and the frog became angry at the dog. They thought he had drowned the turtle.23 The boy held the turtle in his arms and sadly they all left the pond. 24 The boy laid the turtle on the ground and started to dig a hole in which to bury him.25 While the boy was busy digging the hole, the frog noticed that the turtle has his eyes open.26 The dog saw the turtle too. The turtle was not dead after all! In fact, he was heading straight for the boy’s fishing pole – again!27 The turtle picked up the fishing pole and brought it to them. He wanted to be their friend. 28 The boy picked up the turtle and raised him in the air. They were all very happy.29 So off they went with their new friend.201110/156296

At a colorful ceremony in one of Saddam Hussein's old palaces outside Baghdad, the U.S. military formally ended its combat role in Iraq and passed command of the remaining 50,000 American troops to a new four-star general.在巴格达郊外萨达姆原来的一座宫殿举行的仪式上,美国军方正式结束了在伊拉克的作战使命,同时把留驻伊拉克的五万美军的指挥权移交给一位新的四星将军。A U.S. military band played as American and Iraqi flags flew, and American and Iraqi troops and civilians filled the cavernous atrium of the Al-Faw palace to watch U.S. Vice President Joe Biden preside over the ceremony.美国和伊拉克国旗迎风飘舞,一美国军乐队演奏着乐曲。美国和伊拉克军人以及平民聚集在阿尔法乌宫的中庭,观看美国副总统拜登主持的移交仪式。"We have kept a promise, a promise made to the American people and to the people of Iraq by drawing down our forces to roughly 50,000, and we are on track to remove all of our troops by the end of next year, according to the agreement signed by President Bush, made with the Iraqi government," Biden said.拜登说:“我们遵守向美国人民和伊拉克人民所做的承诺,把我们的部队减少到大约5万人。我们还根据布什总统和伊拉克政府签署的协议,朝着在明年年底前撤出全部美军而努力。”Biden noted the sacrifice of American and Iraqi forces, and of Iraqi civilians. He noted that more than one million U.S. troops have been assigned to Iraq during the last seven-and-a-half years. And the vice-president said American involvement with Iraq will continue, not only with the thousands of troops advising its military, but with a surge of diplomats and aid workers.拜登还谈到美国和伊拉克部队以及伊拉克平民所做出的牺牲。他说,过去七年半里,先后有100多万美军被派往伊拉克。拜登副总统表示,美国将继续参与伊拉克事务,不仅是数千名军人要承担伊拉克军队的顾问工作,还会增加外交人员和援助人员。201009/112859

A British hostage has been released alive and well in Iraq after more than two years in captivity. The news was announced by Britain's foreign minister in London.一名被绑架超过两年的英国人质日前平安从伊拉克获释。英国外交大臣公布了这项消息。Thirty-six year old Peter Moore was released by his captors in Baghdad Wednesday morning. He was turned over to the Iraqi authorities and then handed over to the British embassy in the Iraqi capital.36岁的彼得.尔星期三早晨在巴格达从绑架者手中获释。他被交予伊拉克当局,之后被转移到伊拉克首都的英国大使馆。In London, British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband welcomed the release and said he had spoken with Moore.在伦敦方面,英国外交大臣米利班德对尔获释表示欢迎,并说他已经与尔进行了对话。"Peter is in good health despite many months of captivity, he's undergoing full medical checks and he is going to be reunited with his family as soon as possible back in the U.K.," he said.他说:“尽管被拘留了很长时间,但是尔的健康状况良好。他目前正在接受全面的医疗检查,马上就将和他在英国的家人团聚。”Peter Moore, a computer consultant, was working in Baghdad when he and four bodyguards were seized at the finance ministry in May 2007 by some 40 gunmen disguised as Iraqi police. 尔是一名计算机咨询师,当时在巴格达工作。2007年5月,他和四名保镖被40名乔装成伊拉克警察的人员在财政部被捕。Three of the bodyguards were killed and their bodies returned to British authorities earlier this year. The fate of the fourth, Alan McMenemy, is as yet unconfirmed, but British authorities believe he too was killed.其中三名保镖被杀,他们的尸首今年年初被交还英国当局。第四名保镖艾伦.麦克马尼曼生死不明,但英国当局相信他也已经遇害。"We have believed for some time that he has been killed. … I call today again in the strongest terms for the hostage takers to return Alan's body as soon as possible," he said.米利班德说:“我们相信他已经遇害有一段时间了。我今天再次以最强烈的言辞呼吁劫持人质者尽快归还艾伦的尸首。”Miliband thanked the Iraqi authorities for their efforts in Moore's release and praised the government's process of national reconciliation with armed groups prepared to renounce violence. 米利班德感谢伊拉克当局就促成尔获释所做的努力,并赞扬伊拉克政府与准备放弃暴力的武装组织达成全国和解的进程。"That process of reconciliation has made possible Peter Moore's release today. I hope it will lead also to the end of the scourge of hostage taking and violence in that country," he said.他说:“这个和解进程使今天彼得.尔的获释成为可能。我希望这也将带来伊拉克的劫持人质和暴力局势的结束。”Numerous foreigners, including Britons and Americans, have been kidnapped in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion of 2003. Some were released, but many killed. Many Iraqis have also been kidnapped, mostly for ransom, amid the chaos and lawlessness that swept the country in the aftermath of the invasion.自从2003年以美国为首的联合部队出兵伊拉克以来,包括英国人和美国人在内的很多外国人在伊拉克遭到劫持。一些人已经获释,但很多人被杀。联军出兵伊拉克后,伊拉克全国陷入一片混乱和无法治状态,很多伊拉克人也被劫持,大部分劫持者要求赎金。201001/93675

Donor's Pledge .48 Billion in New Gaza Aid捐助国承诺为加沙提供45亿美元 Representatives from donor nations meeting in Egypt have pledged more than .4 billion in new aid to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip after the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. 在埃及参加捐助国会议的代表筹集了44亿多美元,帮助重建加沙。加沙在以色列和哈马斯最近发生的冲突中受到战争的摧毁。Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said international donors meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh have pledged more than billion for Gaza reconstruction. 埃及外交部长艾哈迈德.阿布.盖特说,国际捐助国会议在沙姆沙伊赫为加沙重建筹集了50多亿美元。The Egyptian foreign minister says the participants at the conference pledged the sum of .481 billion dollars in fresh money at Monday's session ... and he says if you add previous pledges that some donor nations have reiterated, the figure comes to .2 billion, a figure that well exceeded expectations. 这位埃及外长说,参加会议的各国代表星期一在会议上表示愿意捐助44亿8千1百万美元。他说,如果加上此前一些捐助国已经表示要赠与的款项,总数达到52亿美元,这个数字大大超过了原来的预期。It is nearly twice the amount sought by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. 这个数字几乎是巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯寻求援助资金数额的两倍。U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed aid money for Gaza must be accompanied by a "comprehensive peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors."  美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿强调说,为加沙提供资金的同时也必需要在“以色列和它的阿拉伯邻国之间实现全面的和平”。"By providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza, we also aim to foster conditions in which a Palestinian state can be fully realized," said Hillary Clinton. "A state that is a responsible partner, is at peace with Israel and its Arab neighbors, and is accountable to its people. A state that Palestinians everywhere can be proud of, and is respected worldwide. This is the Palestinian state we all envision. This is the Palestinian state we have an obligation to help create." 她说:“在向加沙提供人道主义援助的同时,我们还要取得一个目标,那就是为充分建立一个巴勒斯坦国创造条件。这个国家应该是一个负责任的伙伴,一个同以色列以及它的阿拉伯邻国能够和平共处的国家,能够对自己的人民负责,一个各地巴勒斯坦人都能引以自豪的国家,一个在世界范围受到尊敬的国家。这才是我们希望看到的巴勒斯坦国, 这才是我们有义务帮助创建的巴勒斯坦国。”Clinton said the ed States 0 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza, in addition to 0 million for the Palestinian Authority, which is expected to use it to help pay the salaries of civil servants.  克林顿国务卿说,美国为加沙提供3亿美元的人道主义援助,除此之外,还向巴勒斯坦当局提供6亿美元的捐款,用以付公务员的工资。Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal told al Arabiya TV that rebuilding Gaza would be "difficult and fool-hardy, so long as peace and security do not prevail" in the territory. 沙特外交大臣费萨尔在接受阿拉伯语新闻频道的采访时说,要是在这片土地上不能实现和平与安全,那么重建加沙既是艰巨的,也是很傻的。Conference host Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said it is his "priority to reach a truce between Israel and the Palestinians," despite the multiple setbacks in negotiations Egypt has been mediating. 主持会议的埃及总统穆巴拉克说,以色列和巴勒斯坦人达成和平协议这一点是他的重点,尽管埃及帮助调停的谈判受到了重挫。He says Palestinians, as well as Arab and Muslim states, can not bear the climate of limbo, in which peace never quite arrives, for much longer. The situation in the region, he emphasizes, is alarming and could explode, more than at any time in the past, abetted by terrorism that thrives on delayed peace and regional forces that seek to drag the region into the abyss. 他说,巴勒斯坦人以及阿拉伯和穆斯林国家不能再容忍这种和平永远不会到达的气氛。他强调说,这个地区的形势比过去任何时候都更加危险,而且可能爆炸。这是由于恐怖主义只有在推迟和平的情况下得逞,也由于地区武装力量试图把整个地区拖入深渊。Israel threatened Sunday to launch a punishing new round of retaliatory strikes against Gaza if there is not a halt to rocket attacks against Israeli territory that have continued since the Israeli incursion ended in January. French President Nicholas Sarkozy said making peace with Israel was the duty of all "responsible Palestinians" and excuses are no longer acceptable. 法国总统萨科齐说,和以色列制订和平协议是所有负责任的阿拉伯人的义务,任何借口都是不能接受的。"It is a matter of will," he said. "Do we want to meet, just to talk or do we want to take the risk of making peace? Some tell me that the conditions [for peace] are not ripe, he argues. Well, if we wait for the conditions to be ripe to talk peace, we will be waiting a long time, and in the meantime we will be giving the initiative to extremists, everywhere." 他说,这是一个意愿问题。我们举行会议是仅仅为了会谈,还是要冒险来实现和平? 有人告诉我说,和平的条件还不成熟。那么如果我们等待和平谈判的条件成熟,我们将等待很长的时间,同时也就给各处的激进份子有可乘之机。Among the extremists Mr. Sarkozy was referring to is the Islamic Hamas movement, which controls Gaza. International donors want Hamas to play no part in spending funds pledged to rebuild Gaza. 萨科齐所说的激进份子包括伊斯兰组织哈马斯运动,这个激进组织控制着加沙。国际捐助国在使用重建加沙的资金方面不要哈马斯参与。03/63685

India Re-Submits Fugitives List to Pakistan in Wake of Mumbai Terror Attack印再要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉逃犯 In wake of the terror attack in Mumbai, India is renewing demands Pakistan hand over wanted fugitives. India's government says a list of alleged terrorists and others has been re-submitted in a formal diplomatic request. The move is seen as the latest effort to pressure Islamabad to take action to defuse the network on Pakistani soil that allegedly plans and carries out terrorist attacks against India. 印度孟买遭受恐怖袭击后,印度再次要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉的逃犯。印度政府说,已经通过外交渠道再次向巴基斯坦正式提交了一份恐怖分子嫌疑人和其他相关人员的名单。此举被认为是印度最新的努力,要求伊斯兰堡采取行动,破获巴基斯坦境内据称策划和实施对印度发动恐怖袭击的网络。India's external affairs minister, speaking to reporters Tuesday, has given some details of the formal diplomatic note - known as a " demarche" - handed to Pakistan's top envoy here.  印度外交部长慕克吉今天(星期二)和记者谈话时透露了递交给巴基斯坦驻印度首席外交官的外交照会的一些内容。Pranab Mukherjee says the document contains the names of about 20 individuals India has long wanted extradited from Pakistan.  慕克吉说,文件中包含印度长期以来要求从巴基斯坦引渡的大约20个人的名字。"The demarche asks the arrest and hand-over of those persons who are settled in Pakistan and who are fugitives of Indian law," Mukherjee said. 他说:“外交照会要求逮捕和移交那些在巴基斯坦定居、但被印度法律通缉的逃犯。”List includes India's most wanted manAlthough India's government did not release the names of those on the fugitive list, Indian media say they include the infamous Mumbai crime kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim, and Maulana Masood Azhar - a Pakistani Muslim cleric who, in 1999, was freed from an Indian prison, in exchange for passengers on a hijacked Indian airliner.  尽管印度政府没有透露被列在逃犯名单上的人的名字,但印度媒体说,其中包括臭名昭著的孟买犯罪集团主要人物达乌德.易卜拉欣和大毛拉马苏德.爱兹哈尔。马苏德.爱兹哈尔是巴基斯坦一名穆斯林神职人员,1999年从一座印度监狱获释,印度用他交换了一架被劫持的印度客机上的旅客。Ibrahim is considered India's most wanted man. His organization is suspected of involvement in a 1993 bombing in Mumbai that left 250 people dead. Indian media reports say there is also official suspicion some of his underlings may have provided support to the terrorists who struck last week.  达乌德.易卜拉欣据信是印度的头号通缉犯。他的组织被怀疑参与了1993年孟买发生的一次导致250人丧生的爆炸事件。印度媒体报导说,还有官员怀疑,达乌德.易卜拉欣的一些手下可能为上星期发动袭击的恐怖分子提供了持。Azhar leads the group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is believed to support Muslim separatists in the part of disputed Kashmir which is under Indian control.  马苏德.爱兹哈尔领导的组织叫做“穆罕默德军”,据信,这个组织持印度控制的克什米尔争议地区的穆斯林分离分子。India initially gave Pakistani officials the list six years ago and says it never received an adequate response.  印度最早是在6年前把这份名单交给巴基斯坦官员的,印度说一直没有得到巴方充分的回应。India blames Pakistani elements for Mumbai terror attackThe Mumbai terror attack, which India blames on elements in Pakistan, threatens to send relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors into their worst state since 2002.  印度指责巴基斯坦境内的人发动了孟买恐怖袭击,这次事件很可能使这两个拥有核武器的邻国间的关系跌至2002年以来的最低谷。An intense international diplomatic effort is under way to try to prevent tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad from entering another crisis phase. The two nuclear-capable countries have gone to war against each other three times since their independence in 1947. 目前,国际社会正加紧外交努力,防止印巴紧张关系发展成又一次危机。这两个国家之间自1947年独立以来打了3次战争。现在两国都拥有核武器。Among those aly here or about to arrive in the Indian capital are the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  已经抵达或将要抵达印度首都的官员有阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨、美国国会参议员麦凯恩和美国国务卿赖斯。Indian Cabinet meeting discusses security strategyTuesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting of his security Cabinet to discuss strategies. Government officials say among those attending were the defense, foreign and home ministers as well as the chiefs of the armed forces and the national security advisor.In recent days, top Pakistani government officials have vowed to cooperate with India to determine responsibility for the attack on Mumbai. But Islamabad rejects any allegations of complicity, blaming non-state actors which Pakistan says it is also battling. 最近,巴基斯坦政府高级官员誓言要同印度方面合作,确认孟买袭击的责任人。但是伊斯兰堡驳斥了有关巴基斯坦与这次事件有牵连的说法,称袭击者是巴基斯坦也在打击的非国家人员。200812/57811

Overseas Markets Drop Despite US Presidential Change亏损之忧使海外股市继续下滑 Despite the excitement the inauguration of Barack Obama generated around the world, overseas markets continued their downward slide. 尽管美国总统奥巴马的宣誓就职在全球各地都引起了激动和兴奋,但是海外股市还是继续下滑。Concern over rising bank losses and their effect on the world economy overshadowed the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama. 有关亏损日益增多以及它对世界经济带来影响的担忧盖过了美国总统奥巴马就职所带来的乐观情绪。In Tokyo and Hong Kong, both major indices were down two percent. 东京和香港这两大股市都下跌了2%。In Japan, machinery orders for November posted their steepest monthly fall since the government survey began 22 years ago. 在日本,11月份机械用品的订单出现了政府22年前开始进行这项调查以来最大幅度的月度下跌。In Europe, the same gloom persists. 在欧洲,同样低落的情绪还在持续。Germany has revised downward its prediction its economy will shrink by 2.25 percent this year. That would be the worst performance in 60 years. 德国下调了经济增长的预测,预计德国经济今年会收缩2.25%。这将是60年来最糟糕的表现。In Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to again defend his position of trying to spend his way out of this downturn and of further supporting banks with more taxpayer money in an effort to spur lending. 在英国,布朗首相不得不再次为他持有的通过增加政府开来走出这次经济滑坡以及用更多纳税人的钱进一步为提供帮助以促进借贷的立场进行辩护。"I believe that the indication that President Obama has given in the last few days - that he is going to take the fiscal stimulus action that we have taken and he is going to take action in relation to the banks in the way we have done - shows that the world can work together to deal with this problem. One thing that President Obama did not say in his speech yesterday was, 'fellow Americans, let us do nothing,'" he said.  他说:“我相信,奥巴马总统在过去几天发出的信号,即他将采取我们已经采取的财政刺激措施以及他将以我们已经采取的方式来对采取行动表明,全世界可以共同努力,一道来对付这个问题。奥巴马昨天在他的就职演说中并没有说‘美国同胞,让我们什么事也不要做。’”Speaking in parliament, Mr. Brown said the banking measures were temporary, but absolutely essential right now.  布朗首相在议会发表讲话时表示,他对业所采取的措施是临时性的,但是在目前是绝对必要的。"When markets fail, and banks are unable to do the job for which they are intended, the only agency that can step in is the government. And if the government does not take action, no on else will. And that is the lesson that has been learned in every single country of the world and that is the lesson that President Obama said yesterday is the work that will be pursued in America," said Mr. Brown. 他说:“当市场不起作用,而且不能做它们本来应该做的事情时,唯一能够介入的就是政府。如果政府不采取行动,没有别的人会采取干预行动。这是世界各地每一个国家所吸取的教训,这也是奥巴马总统昨天所说的美国也将要采取的行动。”New British unemployment figures show a worsening job situation with nearly two million people out of work, the highest total since 1997. 最新的失业数据显示,英国的就业状况正在恶化,失业人数达到将近2百万人,是1997年以来最高的。01/61423

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