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A man wrote a letter to a small hotel he planned to visit on his vacation: ;I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?;一个人给一家他计划在假期里停留的小旅馆写了封信,“我非常希望带着我的,它很干净很有教养,你能允许它和我睡一间屋子吗?”An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who said, ;I#39;ve been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I#39;ve never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or pictures off the walls. I#39;ve never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I#39;ve never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at my hotel. And, if your dog will vouch for you, you#39;re welcome to stay here, too.;旅馆主人立即回了封信,“我经营旅馆很多年了,从没偷过毛巾,床单, 餐具,或者墙上的画。我也从没有在半夜因为喝醉胡闹而赶走它,也从不不付帐就跑掉。实际上我们非常欢迎您的来我们旅馆,如果它为您担保,也欢迎您来。 /201511/409055。

Little Pepper began life a dozen years ago in the competitive Chinese nucleus of downtown Flushing, Queens. Five years ago, Cheng Ying Wu and her husband, Gui Ping Huang, the owners, moved it northwest to College Point, where its nearest rival is a graffiti-scrawled storefront across the street selling takeout chop suey and chow mein. Little Pepper is not entirely free of American Chinese food, but its pork lo mein is not one of its chief attractions. 十多年前,小辣椒川菜馆(Little Pepper)诞生在皇后区法拉盛闹市区竞争激烈的华裔聚居地。五年前,餐厅老板吴成英(音译)和丈夫黄贵平(音译)把餐厅搬到了西北方向的College Point。在那里,它最近的对手是街对面一个画满涂鸦、提供炒杂碎和炒面外卖的店面。小辣椒川菜馆并非完全未受美式中餐的影响,不过猪肉捞面并非它的招牌菜。 The reason to drive to College Point Boulevard (by far the easiest way to get to Little Pepper, about a 20-minute bus ride from the nearest subway stop) is to eat undiluted Sichuan cooking, like silken tofu with scallions. Little chilled blocks of tofu will be covered with scallions and chopped peanuts turned the color of bricks by chile oil. Woven through the burning heat of the oil will be the unmistakable, medicinal hum of Sichuan peppercorns. The crunch and burn and throb of the sauce crashes against the soft and passive tofu; the contrast enhances both. 我开车去College Point大道(到目前为止,去小辣椒川菜馆走这条路最方便,它离最近的地铁站要坐大概20分钟公交车)是为了吃上正宗川菜,比如柔滑的葱烧豆腐。小小的冷豆腐块布满葱花和碎花生,辣椒油把豆腐块染成了红色。经过滚烫辣椒油洗礼的是绝不会被认错的花椒。滋滋作响、热腾腾的酱汁与柔软、被动的豆腐形成鲜明对比,相辅相成。 Or the kitchen may take another slab of silken tofu and do something else. This time it will be warm, in bigger chunks that cleave into two pieces at the touch of a spoon. The dressing will be tangy bits of ground pork in black vinegar and a shimmering gloss of chile oil. The dish, of course, is ma-po tofu. At Little Pepper, it combines power and nuance to make other renditions around the city seem heavy-handed. 这家餐厅还能用柔滑的豆腐做出别的菜。比如把豆腐切成更大的块,用勺子一碰就能裂成两半,也更烫嘴。配料是用黑醋和亮晶晶的辣椒油炒出的猪肉末,香味扑鼻。这道菜当然是麻婆豆腐。小辣椒川菜馆的这道菜既有力道,又微妙,相比之下,纽约市其他餐厅这道菜的做法就显得很粗暴。 Some New Yorkers grade Sichuan food by its firepower. When their tongues have been reduced to smoldering ruins, they declare themselves (through sign language) to be in a great restaurant. Little Pepper is capable of inflicting great pain when needed. Its Chong Qing chicken, which weaponizes capsaicin in just about every known form and should not be faced without a full glass of water or beer at hand, is proof of that. But what sets Little Pepper apart from the many other good Sichuan restaurants in the city is its skill at bringing spicy forces into tense alignment with sweet, sour and salty ones. 有些纽约人按辣度评判川菜。如果他们的舌头辣麻了,他们就会(通过手语)宣布这家餐厅很棒。必要的时候,小辣椒餐馆也能让顾客经受辣椒的折磨。比如重庆辣子鸡,它把辣椒的威力发挥到极致,要是手里没有一满杯水或啤酒,真别去尝试这道菜。但是小辣椒川菜馆与纽约其他许多优秀川菜馆的区别在于,它能把辣味与甜味、酸味和咸味搭配的力度把握得恰到好处。 It’s possible that the chefs at Little Pepper cook with extra precision because real estate is cheaper in College Point than in Flushing, allowing the owners to spring for the roomy, shipshape kitchen in the back. This at least is what I tell myself as I’m driving past the exit for Flushing and Little Pepper is still another 15 minutes away. 小辣椒川菜馆的大厨们做菜可能格外精准,可能是因为College Point的地价比法拉盛低,餐厅老板们能在后堂配置宽敞整齐的厨房。至少,当我开车经过法拉盛出口,还得再开15分钟才能到达小辣椒川菜馆时,心里就是这么想的。 I’ve always found a parking space within sight of the front door, which doesn’t often happen in downtown Flushing. Inside, there is art everywhere: a mural of oversize peonies in red and pink; small canvases of an empty, wrinkled red plastic bag and a still life with Spam; a larger painting of a crushed Coke can over the round table where in quiet moments the employees top and tail a heap of beans for the excellent dry-sautéed string beans. 我总能在餐厅门口附近找到车位,这样的好事在法拉盛闹市区并不总能让你赶上。餐厅内部随处可见艺术品:红色和粉色超大牡丹壁画;描绘一个皱巴巴的红色空塑料袋的小幅帆布画以及世棒午餐肉(Spam)静物写生;还有一幅更大的、表现被压扁的可乐罐的油画——空闲的时候,员工们会在这幅画下面的大圆桌上给一堆豆角去头去尾,为美味的干煸豆角备菜。 English is not one of the restaurant’s core competencies. In the middle of my last lunch there, a waiter handed the phone to one of my guests. What did he want? It was unclear at first. Eventually an odd relay game began; my guest talked to a customer who was trying to place a takeout order, then looked for each dish on the and pointed. Finally the waiter wrote it down. It took about five minutes. When the customer walked in to get his food, it was like seeing a minor celebrity. 说英语并不是这家餐厅的核心竞争力之一。上次我在那儿吃午餐时,一名务员把电话递给我的一位客人。他这是要干嘛?一开始我们都摸不着头脑。然后一场奇怪的接力游戏开始了。电话那端是一位想点外卖的顾客,我的客人按照对方的指示在菜单上找出每道菜,指给务员,务员再记下来,前后大概花了5分钟。当那位顾客来拿外卖时,我们感觉像见到了一位小明星。 I don’t recall what he ate, but everything I had is bright in my memory. First, super-crisp scallion pancake wedges dunked in a black, tangy, syrup-thick sauce. Then thin, chewy slices of beef tendon in chile oil, classic and great. Thin-skinned dumplings of juicy, sweet pork followed, resting in a pool of vinegar and chile oil. Sautéed snow pea leaves were next, and too salty. 我不记得他点了什么,但我清楚记得自己吃过的每一道菜。首先是无比松脆的大葱煎饼,切成楔形,蘸上如糖浆般浓稠的香味浓烈的黑色酱汁。然后是一道经典美味:用辣椒油拌的很有嚼头的薄切牛腱肉。接下来是美味多汁的薄皮猪肉饺子,盛放在用醋和辣椒油调制的酱汁里。下一道菜是炒豌豆苗,太咸了。 At last a big main course: “lamb with hot and spicy sauce,” also known as cumin lamb because that spice dominated the intensely fragrant dry rub clinging to the tender strips of meat. (There was no sauce to speak of, just stir-fried onions and green chiles.) And a whole fish hidden below fiery ground pork sauce, lip-smacking and deeply flavorful, like a Bolognese by way of Chengdu. 然后是一道大菜,名叫辣酱羊肉,又名孜然羊肉,因为香味扑鼻的柔嫩羊肉上主要附着的干调料就是孜然(这道菜里没有酱,只有炒洋葱和青椒)。还有辣猪肉末酱烧全鱼,特别入味,让人忍不住咂嘴,就像意大利波伦亚风格的成都菜。 The fish at Little Pepper often tastes muddy. The sauces, though, are so transporting that it doesn’t matter very much. And while not every dish on the is the best in town — the shredded potatoes with green peppers are pretty bland — the overall energy and variety of the cooking more than makes up for it. 小辣椒餐馆的鱼吃起来口感总是有点柴,不过它的酱汁太美味,所以也无所谓了。虽然菜单上不是每道菜都是纽约市最好吃的——青椒土豆丝就很一般——但它整体的烹饪活力和多样性大大弥补了这一点。 With so many peppers whiplashing around, the mouth needs something mild for balance. Tea-smoked duck dripping with warm fat is a fine and soothing appetizer. Cold smashed cucumbers with garlic are turning up in non-Chinese restaurants now, but few improve on the ones at Little Pepper. Corn kernels stir-fried with pine nuts are strangely easy to get along with. Fried rice, cooked with so much finely minced scallion that it turns the color of a Shamrock Shake, is a superb mop for fiery sauces. 因为很多菜里都有辣椒,所以嘴巴需要一些温和的东西来缓和一下。滴着温暖油脂的樟茶鸭是一道能抚慰人的开胃菜,非常好吃。拍黄瓜现在也出现在非中餐厅里,但是没有哪家做得比小辣椒川菜馆还好吃。松仁玉米令人意外地好吃。炒饭里放了很多葱花,颜色变得像三叶草奶昔,炒饭是冲淡辣味的上好选择。 On some days, I have gone giddy for the eggplant, as soft as pudding and slick with garlic sauce. On others, I’ve been sweetly captivated by the riddle of preserved eggs with green peppers. The riddle is not how the egg whites turn dark brown and transparent, while the yolks go creamily soft and ash-colored; that’s explained by the chemistry of a pH shift. What I can’t figure out is why the eggs’ mild whiff of sulfur is so appealing when they are eaten together with chopped mild green chiles and decidedly unmild red chile oil. 有时候,我为茄子着迷,它和布丁一样柔软,因为加入蒜汁而变得非常光滑。有时候,我又迷上青椒松花蛋。它的谜题不是蛋白如何变成透明深棕色、蛋黄如何变成灰色,如奶油般柔软——这是pH值变化所引起的化学反应。我不能理解的是为什么松花蛋温和的硫磺味与不辣的碎青椒和辛辣的红椒油一起吃的时候口感会这么好。 But this is nothing compared with the enigma of Little Pepper’s “fried potato in hot sauce.” These are crinkle-cut French fries that, as far as I can tell, come out of a bag stored in the freezer. They are dark and ragged with a dry spice mix of coarsely ground cumin, roasted dried chiles, Sichuan peppercorns, salt and maybe MSG. 不过,这个谜团与小辣椒川菜馆的“辣酱炸土豆”相比不算什么。据我猜测,这种波纹薯条是储藏在冰箱里的袋装薯条。土豆颜色炸得很深,表面粗糙不平地附着着用孜然粒、干辣椒、花椒、盐,甚至有可能还有味精混合而成的干香辛料。 The questions torture me. How did crinkle-cut fries get into a Sichuan restaurant? How can I be so helplessly, irretrievably crazy about them? Why, when they cool and lose their allure, do I want to ask the waiter to drop them back into the fryer again? Is something wrong with me? What is this wild desire? And where is the hot sauce? 很多问题折磨着我:波纹薯条是怎么进入川菜馆的?我怎么会如此不可救药、不可挽回地迷恋它们?为什么在它们变冷、失去吸引力之后,我想让务员把它们再放回冰箱里?我是不是有毛病?这种疯狂的欲望从何而来?还有,菜名中的辣酱在哪儿? /201603/430122。

Tang Dynasty唐朝Commerce商业贸易The rapid growth of both agriculture and manufacturing industry enabled commerce to flourish and created the need for an improved transport system.农业与制造业的飞速发展使商业繁荣起来,对于更便利的交通系统的需求产生了。So as to speed the transport of grain from the rich area around the Yangtze River to the north of the country, the Grand Canal was extended.因此,为了提高将粮食从富庶的长江流域运送到北方的速度,京杭大运河被延长。Yilu (post roads) were opened running through the country and stimulating trade.驿路在国家到处开设,刺激了经济。The famous Silk Road enabled trade to flourish between China, central Asia and Arabia.著名的丝绸之路使中国、中亚地区和阿拉伯间的贸易繁荣发展。After the Rebellion of An and Shi, the Silk Road by sea blossomed.安史之乱之后,海上丝绸之路开始兴盛。Merchant ships from countries in Asia and Africa flooded in with cargos of spices,来自亚非的商船上堆满了各种香料、medicines and jewelery to be exchanged for Chinese silks and porcelain.药品和珠宝用以交换中国的丝绸和瓷器。The capital, Chang#39;an, became the richest and most populous city in the world.都城长安成为了世界上最富裕和人口最多的城市。It had one million inhabitants, including people from other ethnic groups and countries.它拥有1000000居民,其中包括哪些来自其他民族和国家的人。Fortified with a wall and moat, the city was divided into quarters including two markets full of shops and stores.受到城墙和护城河的防护,长安被分割成了四块区域,其中包含两个充满了商铺和店家的市场。These included more than two hundred types of businesses dealing in a wide variety of goods from home and abroad.这些市场涵盖了超过两百种来自本国和外国的物品交易。 /201511/405225。

Social Economy社会经济A series of economical reforms were necessary in order to overcome the financial crisis with which Emperor Wen was faced.当隋文帝面临财政危机时,采取一系列经济改革来解决它们是有必要的。A crisis due to the long period of wars and conflict prior to his succession.由长时间的战乱和冲突引起的危机比他的继位重要得多。In order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, the Sui reverted to the “land equalization system”.为了缩小贫富差距,隋朝恢复到了“均田制”。While controlling the possession of the land by the rich, this law provided for land distribution to all families on the basis of the number of the people in each household.这则法令不仅控制了富人的土地拥有量,还依据每户的人口数量将土地分配给所有家庭。The people were able to farm the land they owned but were precluded from selling it.人们可以耕种他们拥有的土地但不能进行贩卖。By permitting people to retain their land holdings much remained in the hands of landlords.尽管人们的土地大部分仍在地主的手中,Nevertheless, in spite of this, the farmer’s enthusiasm enhanced and great progress in agricultural productivity was achieved during this period.这个时期农民的积极性还是提高了,农业生产也取得了巨大的进步。At the same time, the government unified the coinage, nationalized the mints and standardized weights and measures.同时,政府统一了货币和度量衡并使造币厂国有化。Furthermore, Emperor Wen levied lower taxes on the farmers and merchants, greatly promoting the development of social economy.不仅如此,隋文帝还减少了农民和商人需要交纳的税款,这极大地加快了国家经济的发展。To improve means of transport between the south and north the construction of the Grand Canal was commenced and completed during the reigns of Emperor Wen and his son, Emperor Yang.为了改善南北方之间的交通运输,隋文帝下令建造大运河,这条河开凿于隋文帝和他的儿子隋炀帝当政期间。This great project connected the Yellow River with the Yangtze River and had the effect of greatly increasing cultural and economic exchange between the two areas.这项伟大的工程将长江与黄河连接了起来,它对于加快这两片区域之间的文化与经济交流有显著成效。Moreover, defense works such as the Great Wall, mainly the sections in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia areas, were built in this period to withstand the attack of Tujue (Turks) tribe.此外,防御工程比如长城,主要是宁夏和内蒙古部分,这个时期得到了建设以抵抗突厥部落的进攻。 /201510/398428。

Although most young Argentinians aren’t even thinking about marriage these days, they seem quite fond of wedding ceremonies. So they’ve come up with a bizarre party trend of fake weddings, where groups of 20- and 30-somethings get together to attend wedding-themed parties complete with fake bride and groom.虽然大多数阿根廷年轻人根本没考虑过谈婚论嫁,可他们似乎都还很喜欢参加婚礼。所以他们开启了“假结婚”的奇异潮流,一堆20或者30多岁的年轻人齐聚一堂,参加婚礼主题的聚会,不过新郎和新娘都不是真的。The idea was the brainchild of 26-year-old publicist Martin Acerbi, who, a couple of years ago, organised a fake wedding with four of his friends in La Plata, about 32 miles away from Buenos Aires. “It all started two years ago with a group of friends: we realised we hadn’t been to a wedding in a long time because hardly anybody is getting married anymore,” Acerbi says.26岁的公关马丁·阿克比想出了这一主意,几年前,他与他的四位朋友在距离阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯51.5公里远的拉普拉塔组织了一场假婚礼。他回忆道:“一切始于两年前我和一群朋友的经历:由于现在很少有人结婚,我们意识到我们很久没有参加过婚礼了。”To his surprise, the event was a huge success which got him thinking about a new business. The friends went on to found ‘Falsa Boda’, a fake wedding organising company, in November 2013. They rent out real wedding locations, hire caterers, florists, and DJs, and make everything look like a real wedding. Except, there is no ‘happily ever after’.令他惊讶的是,他们组织的假婚礼获得了空前的成功,这使得阿克比想到了新商机。这几位志同道合的好友于2013年11月成立了一家组织假婚礼的公司Falsa Boda。他们租赁了真正的婚礼举办地点,雇佣了宴席承办者、花匠和DJ,让一切看上去与真正的婚礼一模一样。唯一的差别在于,婚礼过后没有“从此之后的幸福生活”。The bride and groom are hired too, as is a secret boyfriend or spurned lover who arrives unexpectedly to disrupt the ceremony. There’s a fair bit of drama when the bride or groom abandons the wedding and elopes with the third actor. There’s a different storyline for each event, and sometimes the ‘bride’ even throws her bouquet to the female guests.新娘和新郎也是雇佣来的,假婚礼上还会有秘密男友或者感觉备受冷落的情人前来闹场。有时新娘或者新郎会抛弃婚礼与第三名演员私奔。每场假婚礼最后都会有不同的故事结局,有时新娘会将捧花扔给女性客人。“These wedding professionals have become our strategic allies, we organise it like it’s the real thing, except the marriage itself is fake,” Acerbi said. “Our guests get all the fun of a wedding party with none of the commitment, or the problem of finding someone who is actually getting married.”阿克比说:“这些婚礼专家已经成为了我们的战略同盟,我们将它当做一场真正的婚礼来举办,只有婚姻本身是假的。我们的客人可以充分享受这场没有承诺的婚礼的乐趣,就算看中新郎新娘也没有关系,因为他们不是真的结婚。”Each fake wedding event can accommodate 600 to 700 guests, who all pay about to attend. According to Acerbi, the events are mostly targeted at women, who end up buying the majority of the tickets. “The romanticism around weddings is clearly still alive, at least in that respect,” he explained.每场假婚礼能容纳600-700名客人,每位客人需付50美元入场费。据阿克比透露,假婚礼的主要目标是女性,她们购买了大部分入场券。他解释说:“虽然婚姻本身是假的,但婚礼的浪漫氛围并未减少。”32-year-old marketing manager Pablo Boniface, who recently attended a fake wedding, said: “The girls were euphoric, as if a cousin of theirs was really getting married, but it was just an actress. When the bride arrived, everyone went crazy, pulling out their phones and snapping pictures like she was a Hollywood star.” He agreed that the fake weddings were a big hit because hardly anyone his age ever talks about getting married. “I’m single and so are all of my friends of both sexes. Marriage is something we don’t even think about. It’s a formality that has nothing to do with love.”32岁的市场经理帕布洛·伯尼菲斯最近参加了一场假婚礼,他说:“姑娘们的情绪都很高涨,感觉就像她们的亲戚真的在结婚一样,但其实婚礼上只有演员。新娘入场之后,每个人都很疯狂,拿出他们的手机拍摄照片,感觉她就像一名好莱坞明星。”他承认假婚礼特别受欢迎,因为他的同龄人很少会考虑结婚。“我还是单身,我身边的男女朋友们也一样。婚姻是我们不会考虑的东西。这是一场与爱无关的仪式。”There’s plenty of data to prove Boniface right. 22,000 couples tied the knot in Buenos Aires in 1990, but that number nosedived to almost half that – 11,642 – by 2013. According to government statistics, the people who do get married are much older. So people these days don’t have many opportunities to attend wedding parties, which is why Acerbi’s fake weddings are so popular.不少数据显示1990年布宜诺斯艾利斯有2.2万人结婚,而这一数字到了2013年暴跌至11642人。据政府统计,真正结婚的人年纪都比较大。如今阿根廷的年轻人没什么机会参加婚礼,阿克比的假婚礼才会如此受欢迎。“They are going to see something they don’t do in real life any more,” explained sociologist Victoria Mazzeo. “The fact is that very few young people get married anymore.”社会学家维多利亚·马泽尔表示:“他们会见识到现实生活中看不到的东西。事实上,现在很少有年轻人结婚了。”And as Boniface pointed out, it’s apparently easier to meet someone at fake weddings than at real ones!正如伯尼菲斯指出,很明显去假婚礼结交朋友远比去真婚礼方便。 /201510/404684。

There she is! Kate Middleton and Prince William have largely been keeping their daughter, Princess Charlotte, out of the public eye, but on Sunday, Nov. 29, the proud parents shared two images of their little girl with the world via Instagram.看,这就是我们可爱的夏洛特小公主!一直以来,凯特王妃和威廉王子都尽量避免女儿出现在公众视野中。然而11月29日(周日),这对自豪的父母在Instagram上传了两张小女儿的照片,与世界共同分享。;The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to be able to share two new photographs of Princess Charlotte,; the Kensington Palace account captioned one adorable photo. ;They were taken by The Duchess in early November at their home in Norfolk.;肯辛顿宫为照片配文道:;剑桥公爵夫妇很高兴能与大家共同分享夏洛特小公主的两张近照。这两张照片是剑桥公爵夫人11月初拍摄于诺福克家中。;Middleton, 33, and William, also 33, have taken drastic measures to keep both Charlotte, 6 months, and their son, Prince George, 2 years, away from eager paparazzi photographers.同为33岁的剑桥公爵夫妇可谓下了大工夫,保护六个月大的夏洛特小公主和两岁大的乔治小王子免遭疯狂的仔队偷拍。;The Duke and Duchess continue to receive warm messages about Princess Charlotte from all around the world and they hope that everyone enjoys these lovely photos as much as they do,; the caption continued.照片配文称:;剑桥公爵夫妇源源不断地收到世界各地的人们对小公主的祝福。他们希望所有人都能和他们二人一样喜欢这两张萌照。;In the first image, the tiny royal perches on a gingham-print armchair dressed in a pretty printed dress and baby pink cardigan, her hair carefully brushed and styled.第一张照片中,小公主坐在一把条纹印花的扶椅上,身穿漂亮的印花裙,外面还套着一件淡粉色的羊绒开衫,头发梳得整齐有型。The second image shows the princess having a chat with her stuffed animal dog, squealing in delight.第二张照片中,小公主正与她的布偶小对话,开心得都叫了起来。In July, William gushed about his family of four to reporters, declaring their growing brood ;fantastic.;7月份时,威廉曾向记者们滔滔不绝地讲述他们一家四口的生活,表示;家有儿女初长成;的感觉;棒极了;。;She#39;s been a little joy from heaven,; he said of his daughter. ;But at the same time, it#39;s a lot more responsibility, looking after two little ones, especially when George is around. He#39;s a little monkey.;威廉称女儿给他带来了;来自天堂的喜悦;。但他也表示:;带两个小孩也让我肩上的责任更重,尤其是乔治,他可真是个淘气鬼。; /201512/413300。