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迷你对话:A:What will happen to the children if you break up?如果你们分手了,孩子们怎么办?B:Thats a relief for me and a misery for the children.对我来说这是解脱,对孩子来说是一场灾难。A:Why dont you make up with John.为什么不试着和John讲和呢?B:Its too late.太迟了。地道表达:break up小编讲解:该短语原意是“分散,分离”,引申为“关系破裂”,多用来指“夫妻离婚”。持范例:Eg.Why did you and Rohda break up?你和罗达为什么决裂了?Eg.The break up of their marriage was an enormous liberation for her.她离婚一事对她是一大解脱。Eg.I cant figure out why my girlfriend wanted to break up with me.我弄不明白为什么我的女朋友要跟我分手。Eg.Youd better break up with your sleazy boyfriend before you get hurt.在你受伤之前最好早点跟你那个差劲的男朋友分手。Eg.You are not an honest man, I have decided to break up with you.你不是一个诚实的人,我已决定与你断交。词海拾贝:1. make up with:与.....重归于好,与.....言归于好Eg.I think you should forgive Pedro and make up with him.我想你应该原谅佩德罗,跟他和好。Eg.I want you to make up with her. I want you to be the perfect loving husband.我要你同她和好,当一个完美无缺的爱妻子的丈夫。2.a relief for sb:对某人来说是一种解脱3.a misery for sb:对于某人来说是痛苦的遭遇特别声明:该节目迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可编辑原创,未经授权。 /201206/187888欢迎来到今天,欢迎来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》新的一课,我是Faith老师,同时,也欢迎新加入我们课堂的朋友们。学英语,听英语歌,英语学习就是这么快乐!和谐与吵架,势不两立,今天,我却把它们放在了同一课,就是想让它们“两立”起来:Harmony: n. 和睦,融洽,一致;和谐,协调There’s perfect harmony between the two brothers. 兄弟俩的感情非常融洽。The couple lives in perfect harmony. 这对夫妇和睦地生活着。Be in harmony with: 与……协调, 与……一致His ideas are no longer in harmony with ours. 他同我们的想法不再一致了。His tastes are in harmony with mine. 他的爱好和我的相同。能与人和睦相处是件好事,但即使最好的朋友之间,有时可能也会大吵了一架,这不,Actually, we got into a pretty big fight last night. 其实,昨晚我们大吵了一架。Get into a (pretty) big fight: 大吵一架,大打出手We are bosom buddies, but we can still get into a big fight every now and then.我们是至交,不过偶尔也还是会大打出手的。Get into + 名词:表达更多种意思:Dont get into a fuss about nothing. 别没事找事,自寻烦恼。Dont get into such a bother about small matters. 不要为了区区小事而如此焦虑。Nobody likes to get into trouble. 没有谁愿意惹麻烦。Shoppers got into a scrum round the bargain counter. 顾客在廉价品柜台周围你争我夺。Hes taking lots of exercise to get into shape. 他正积极锻炼塑身。I havent really got into my new job yet. 我还未真正熟悉新工作。Tony and I used to live in perfect harmony, and suddenly everything changed after we got into a pretty big fight for that bitch, months ago. 托尼和我一直很和睦,但自从我俩为那个臭女人大打出手后,一切都变了。 /201205/183155引言:苏有朋第一部执导的电影《左耳》公映,广受好评。《左耳》是饶雪漫编著的作品,讲述了关于青春成长的故事,四个主要人物的塑造尤其成功,是一部倾注着真情实感同时真实深刻表现青春少年们生活、理想与爱情的优秀作品。今天我们来回顾一下电影中的几句经典台词。1. 对不起是你的解脱,不代表我要原谅你的过错。Saying sorry may get you off the hook but it doesn’t mean my forgiveness of your fault. Hook是钩子的意思。Off the hook 脱钩,其实就是脱身,或是摆脱责任的意思。比如:She tried to get off the hook by blaming me.她试图把责任推给我来摆脱困境。其实呢off the hook还常表示“(电话听筒)未挂上”的这样一种状态。比如:He left the phone off the hook so that he wouldnt be disturbed. 他不把电话听筒挂上,以免受到打扰。原谅叫做forgive,名词形式是forgiveness。2.时光只会老去,但时光从不会欺骗我们。“老去”在这里可以说become old吗?Old指事物变旧或者年龄变老,而时光老去实际上是指时光消逝,用单词elapse最合适不过。Three years have elapsed since we met last time. 我们上次相见至今已经三年了。“欺骗”叫做cheat。3. 我还是相信,星星会说话、石头会开花,穿过夏天的木栅栏和冬天的风雪之后,你终会抵达。I still believe that stars can talk and stones can blossom. After going through the fence of summer and the snow of winter, you will eventually arrive. Blossom就是“开花”的意思,可以作动词也可以作名词。比如:The sunshine will bring out the blossom. 阳光将使花朵开放。常用的短语还有in full blossom表示花正开得旺盛。比如:The water lily in the pond is in full blossom now. 池塘里的睡莲正盛开着。您正收听到的节目来自于网,名字叫做可可茶话会,我是Canace,时尚话题、新鲜素材等你来。我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Light Your Fire本节目属 /201505/374817Subject:I am looking forward to meeting you face- to- face. 迷你对话A: Our company is very interested in the electronic products of your company.我们公司对贵公司生产的产品很感兴趣。B: Thank you. I’m looking forward to meeting you face -to -face.谢谢,我期待与您下次见面。 地道表达face-to-face 1. 解词释义此语的意思是“面对面”。有类似的此语,heart-to-heart(心贴心的,诚恳的);shoulder to shoulder(肩并肩,团结一致);door-to-door(挨家挨户)。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I rushed out of the office and found myself face-to-face with the boss.我冲出办公室,面对面地碰上了老板。e.g. The experts agreed that a face-to-face talk might be a good idea.专家们一致同意,举行一次面对面的会谈也许是一个好主意。e.g. When he opened the door, he found himself face-to-face with a beautiful woman.当他打开门时,他发现自己面对着一位美女。e.g. I decided to come and have a face-to-face talk with you.我决定来同你当面谈谈。 Ps 1:be interested in... 的意思是“对......有兴趣”。If you have time, I would like to tell you a little about Frank Shabata, and why I am interested in him.您如果有时间,我想跟您谈谈有关富兰克·夏白塔的事,告诉您我为什么对他那样关注。What I am interested in is whether they are married.我感兴趣的是他们是否结婚了。 Ps 2: Look forward to doing的意思是“期待做......”。I look forward to paying you a visit next week.我期待着下星期去拜访你。Do you look forward to distributing this memo to the department?您要我把这份备忘录分发给整个部门吗? Ps 3: Meet face-to-to的意思是“见面”。 /201407/309896

I mean,I-Im a drinker.Did you drink any of the bottles of booze while you were there?我喜欢喝酒 那些酒瓶里有你喝的吗Yeah,but theyre mini bottles so,like,drinking all of those is like one drink.Basically a drink.有的 但那些是迷你酒瓶 所以全喝了 也只等于喝一瓶 基本上只有一瓶There appears to be about 10,000 here.I think youre wrong.看上去有一万个酒瓶 我觉得你算错了I wanted to be naked because Im aging like the president,so I was like lets show everybody.我想裸体是因为 我跟总统衰老得一样快 我要让大家看看Not like our President,a president ever.They always age faster.A lot of pressure.不是说现任总统 我是泛指 他们都老得很快 他们压力很大Why,though?I could do it.No,just kidding.但是为什么 我都能胜任总统 不 我只是开玩笑But I was like,lets capture this before things are on the floor.So lets go.但是我说 我们要在某些部位下垂到地板上之前留恋 我们拍吧I think you look very sexy.Thank you.No.So horrible.You know,in the.I dont know how to sit.How do they do it?我觉得你看起来很性感 谢谢 不 真可怕 你知道吗 我不会坐 教教人家嘛Girls that have no idea shes sexy.Ive never sat before.好像她们不知道自己很性感一样 我从来没坐下过We have a lot of women come here and do that.They wear skirts and theyre just turning.Its fascinating.Looking up and down.Oh yeah.很多女嘉宾都这样做 她们穿着裙子 扭来扭去 很养眼 她们看着自己 好耶In the article you talk about they actually talk to your friends and theyre all saying what is it that makes Amy so funny?在文章中 他们采访了你的朋友们 他们都会说为什么艾米这么搞笑What did you demreen from that?What do you think made you funny?Was it something when you were a child?你从中获得了什么启发 你觉得你为什么搞笑 是因为童年经历吗201611/478869

生活真美好,有音乐听,可以做运动,有奶油面包吃(呵呵,我的最爱食品)。欢迎再一次来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。只要以一种愉快的心情去学习,去接受,学英语也相当的容易,不是吗?但是,一定要坚持。;there be;句型是英语中的一个最常用的句型,活用它,你能轻松地表达你的思想。1. 肯定句:Therere 3 apples in the refrigerator. 冰箱里有3个苹果。Theres a promotion meeting tomorrow morning. 明天早上有个市场推广会议。There are some problems with my computer. 我的电脑出了些故障。2. 否定句:There arent many people in his family. 他家人口不多。There arent any slots available until next month. 在下个月之前都没有空位。There wont be any opportunities before youre well prepared. 在你完全准备好之前,不会有任何机会出现的。3.一般疑问句:Are there any bananas? 有香蕉吗?Is there any landmark there? 那有什么标志吗?Will there be a heavy traffic? 会塞车吗?4.特殊疑问句:What alternatives are there? 还有什么可选择的?When will there be a meeting? 什么时候开会?Where there is life, there is hope. 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。Are there any suggestions here to my teaching? If not, lets pass.(对我的教学有何意见吗?如果没有,就这样了。) /163418

年底;突击花钱;,已经成为某些政府部门多年来的老毛病了。据统计,年末的一个月中,各级政府在2007年花掉1.2万亿元,2008年花掉1.5万亿元,年花掉2万亿元。而今年,财政部门不得不在年末的两个月中确定超过3.5万亿财政资金的去向。  请看报道:  The Hunan provincial commission of finance reportedly spent 30 million yuan ($ 4.7 million) on a purchase which was really worth 15 million yuan. The related officials said they did it to ;expend the budget;.  据报道,湖南省财政厅花费3000万元(470万美元)采购了市价1500万元的商品。有关官员称这么做是为了;花完预算;。  文中的expend the budget(花完预算)指的就是year-end crash expenditure(年底突击花钱),year-end就是指;年末、年终;,比如year-end report(年终报告)、year-end bonus(年终奖金)等;crash 一般指;碰撞;坠毁;,比如air crash(飞机失事),此外,crash还可表示;应急的,速成的;,比如crash course(速成班)、crash program(应急计划)以及crash expenditure(突击花钱)等。  ;Crash expenditure(突击花钱);、;expend the budget(花完预算);,时值年末,有关政府;fund sources(钱袋子);的消息再次引发热议。财经和税收专家将这一问题归因于imperfect budget system(预算制度不完善)。因此,只有进一步深化预算制度改革,让预算彻底公开透明,才能从制度上制止year-end crash expenditure(年底突击花钱)的发生。 /201201/169333

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:当然You bet. 当然。表示;肯定地;没问题;当然;等意思,除了;certainly; of course;,;you bet;在口语中更常见。【范例一】Will you tell her? You bet (I will).你会告诉她吗?当然会。【范例二】Shell probably insist on having the very last penny that is due to her--you bet she will.她很可能会坚持要求属于她的每一分钱;;她肯定会。【范例三】Can you do it? You bet.这件事你能干吗?当然行!A: Excuse me. May I use the phone first?对不起,能让我先用一下电话吗?B: Are you in a hurry?你很着急吗?A: You bet. I was supposed to call my mother an hour ago.没错。我应该一个小时前打电话给我母亲的。B: In that case, here, you go first.既然这样,喏,你先用吧。 /201206/186146

特别声明该文章总的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: It depends on where you are and what position you are in. For instance, if you are in an elevator and you smile, you will make other takers uncomfortable.这取决于你在哪儿以及你的处境如何。比如:如果你在一个电梯里笑容满面的,那你肯定会是其他乘客不自在。B: That’s an exception. But I am fed up with those who keep a straight face on front of me.这只是个例外,我烦透了在我面前板着脸的人。A: I cannot see eye to eye with you here. You see, I am fed up with those who keep smiling to me. I mean, they smile for no reason at all.我和你的看法不同,我讨厌始终对我微笑的人。我的意思是说,他们没有缘由地微笑。B: That means you don’t like them. If you hit it off with them, you will like to see their smiles.那就是输说你不喜欢他们。如果你和他们和睦相处,你才会喜欢他们的微笑。第二、对话精讲1. 核心地道表达【核心短语】be fed up with【解词释义】fed是feed的过去分词,be fed up with的本意是“吃够了某样东西”,由此引申为“腻味”或“厌烦”。They get fed up with her moans.她的抱怨令他们感到厌烦。Im fed up with the childrens behavior.我对这些孩子们的行为烦透了。The old couple is never fed up with going to the same park every day.这对老夫妻每天都去同一个公园,从不厌烦。He said he was fed up with resting at home.他说他在家歇腻了。本意例句:Im fed up with that piece of junk.那一大块肉把我撑得饱饱的。Oh, Im quite fed up with French Fries and hamburgers.噢, 我已经吃腻了炸薯条和汉堡包。第二、词海拾贝depend on:取决于,依靠,依赖The opportunities available will depend on your previous work experience and qualifications.能否有机会要看你的工作经历和学历。You may depend on it that he will help you.你可以指望他来帮助你。for instance: 例如Like last night, for instance, I thought ghosts were really scary.譬如昨天晚上,我觉得鬼真可怕。You cannot rely on her; for instance, she arrived an hour late for an important meeting yesterday.她这人靠不住, 例如昨天一个重要会议, 她迟到了一个小时。keep a straight face:板着面孔He sounded so foolish that I could hardly keep a straight face.他说话听起来那样傻气,我简直忍不住笑。The story was so funny that it was impossible to keep a straight face.故事是那么有趣,真叫人忍不住笑。in front of:在......面前I didnt want to humiliate her in front of her colleagues.我不想当着她同事们的面令她难堪。 She bawled at him in front of everyone.她当着大家的面冲他大喊大叫。see eye to eye with:和......看法一致After repeated discussions, we began to see eye to eye with him.经过反复讨论,我们逐渐同意了他的观点。We see eye to eye with each other on this.对于这件事,我们俩的意见完全一致。keep smiling to:对......一直保持笑容She can shrug off her troubles and keep smiling.她能够把烦恼置之度外而依旧保持笑容。Dont let the pressure get you down, keep smiling.别让压力把你压垮了,要保持微笑。for no reason at all:毫无理由地,无缘无故地,平白无故地This boss often swore at him, sometimes for no reason at all.老板经常骂他,有时毫无理由。He often gets into a temper for no reason at all.他经常无缘无故地发脾气。He suddenly launched out at me for no reason at all.他突然无端攻击我。hit it off with:与......合得来;关系融洽,相处得好Unfortunately, I dont really hit it off with my boss.很不幸,我和我的上司不很处得来。He hit it off with them from the start.从一开头他就和他们相处得很好。They hit it off well with the natives .他们 和本地人相处得很好。 /201309/256123

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