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3月22日,温家宝总理会见出席中国发展高层论坛2010年会的外方主要代表,听取大家的意见和建议,并就中美贸易擦所涉及的一些问题与大家进行了深入和充分的交流。温家宝总理表示,他希望向美国企业传达一个信息:中国会加大美国产品到中国的进口。 Premier Wen: Welcome US businesses in ChinaSpeaking to business leaders at the China Development Forum in Beijing, Premier Wen Jiabao says China welcomes US investment and pledges to increase the import of American goods. Premier Wen said, "China welcomes US entrepreneurs to come to China to set up businesses or make investments. China will increase the amount of US commodities coming into the country." His comments come after a report was released by the American Chamber of Commerce. The document shows a growing number of foreign businesses in China, about 38 percent feel shut out under new government policies which promote homegrown technology. In response to trade disputes and protectionism worries from most foreign delegates, Premier Wen Jiabao says those who thought trade protectionism would help their economy recover, would find those measures counter-productive. He stresses China was not pursuing a trade surplus and wants to enlarge the country's imports. Premier Wen Jiabao says China will change the way its external economy develops, and work hard to expand domestic demand.201003/99464。

For a pet whos been around so long,对于一个围绕在人们身边的宠物dog research is an astonishing new area of science.类的研究是令人惊奇的科技新领域Its a very basic human need to have social relationships.而对于人类来说 社交关系是基本需求One of these wonderful things about dogs, of course,当然 关于最奇妙的事之一is they offer you a way of giving unconditional love是它们能给你无条件的爱and receiving unconditional love in the other end.而且另一方面也无条件的接受你的爱Dogs are the ones that live with us in the same enviornment和我们生活在相同的环境and theyre selected to live in this new enviornment它们被挑选出来在新的环境中生活and theyre specially tunned into human.它们特别适应人类So human are their natural social partner.自然而然的 它们就成了人类的伙伴But we are only beginning to recognize their full potential.然而我们才发掘出它们身上潜能一小部分Understanding dogs has the capacity通过对的进一步研究让我们有能力to give us insights into disease,更加深刻的了解人类的疾病the human mind and our varier existence.人类的内心世界以及我们丰富多的生活I think one reason that therere almost 7 billion people on earth我想地球上有几乎70亿的人口的原因is in large part due to the roles the dogs have played很大程度上也是基于in our evolutionary existence.在我们进化过程中所扮演的角色While we can have good relationship with wide variety of animals人类历史上和很多种类的动物historically our relationship with dogs有很好的关系 而我们和的关系seems to be the longest one among any domestic animal.似乎比任何家畜都长远Personally I dont think its any coincidence以我个人之见 我认为能成为the dogs is refered to mans best friend.人类最好的朋友 并不仅是一种偶然的巧合 201303/228857。

Though heavy rains hit most parts of the capital city, the ruthless rainfall brought out the best in Beijing residents. Here are some warm moments posted by netizens on Sina Weibo, a popular micro blogging site in China.尽管暴雨袭击了首都北京大部分地区,但无情的大雨却彰显了北京人最耀眼的闪光点。下面是网友通过新浪微发布的一些温暖瞬间。The heavy rain knocked loose many manhole covers flushed away many covers inspiring one weibo user to post a picture of cleaning workers standing in front of each manhole to alert vehicles and residents.突然袭来的暴雨松动了许多井盖,也冲走了许多井盖。有友在微上发布了一张照片,照片上是清洁工人站立在每个下水井前方警示车辆和行人。Another post shows a traffic officer holding his position despite water reaching his knees. The microblog also provided a platform for residents to help each other. Some messages were reposted hundreds of times. One stranded user had requested a ride and was offered not only that but also free accommodation. The microblogging site was full of similar stories that brought out the best of the capital city.另外一张照片上是一名交警在雨水漫及膝盖时依然坚守在工作岗位上。微也为人们互相帮助提供了一个平台。有些消息被转播了数百次。一名被困的友发微希望有人能搭载他,而他得到的却不仅仅是搭载还有免费住宿。类似的故事在微上比比皆是,而所有的这些故事无不让人们看到了一种东西,那就是北京精神。201208/196792。

How do I handle the question, ;Why did you leave your last job;?如果面试官问你,“你为什么离开上一份工作呢?”你应该怎样应答呢?Why did you leave your last job? is another semi-tricky question that most interviewers ask and its a valid question for them to ask. They have a right to know why you did leave your last employer, or your last job. If you left your last employer on terms that werent the most positive, then downplay those issues and tell the interviewer that you left your last position because you were seeking a better opportunity. Youre not lying, thats the absolute truth and hopefully the position for which you are now interviewing is that better opportunity. If you left your last employer on good terms, then theres absolutely nothing that can get you into trouble with that answer. Once again, you can just put a positive spin on it and say I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to stretch and grow even more than my last job provided for me.你为什么离开上一份工作?这是大部分面试官会问的陷阱式问题,他们问这个问题是正当的。他们有权知道你为何离开上一个雇主。如果你离开上一份工作是因为不太乐观的原因,把这些问题淡化,告诉面试官你是为了寻求更好的发展机会。你不是在撒谎,这绝对是事实,这说明你现在应聘的职位是更好的机会。如果你离开上份工作是因为正当理由,那么你面对这个问题就没有什么困难。再次强调,你还是要表述地更加积极乐观,说自己是为了寻找发展的机会,取得比上份工作更长足的进步。Thanks for watching How To Handle The Question ;Why Did You Leave Your Last Job; In Interviews.感谢收看“面试应答技巧:你为什么离开上一份工作?”201210/203591。

Close call! Man narrowly misses being hit by bus惊险一刻 - 一个人差一点被巴士撞上And a close call for one man in Russia who was lucky to be alive. Take a look at the surveillance captured the dramatic scene. As the man was crossing the street, an out of control bus came bearing towards him. He escaped within just inches of being hit. The bus also smashed through about 20 cars. Police says the bus’s break failed. Four people were injured. That is just unbelievable, but that man very, very lucky. 8:04 right now. Let’s go back outside once again to Matt and Erran. 再来看看在俄罗斯的一个人的惊险一刻,他能活着真的是很幸运。看看这个监控录像拍到的惊险场面。在这个人横穿马路的时候,一辆失控的巴士直接向他压了过来。仅仅差几英寸,他躲开了被车撞到。这辆巴士一路上撞了20多辆轿车。警察说这辆巴士的刹车坏了。有四个人受了伤。这简直就是难以置信,不过这个人的确是非常非常地幸运。现在是8点零4分,让我们把现场转到外面的Matt 和 Erran。“There is a tall glass of Vodka in that guy’s immediate future. That was close. Meredith, thank you very much.”“这个人马上就会去喝一大杯伏特加酒。这真的是好险。Meredith,谢谢你”。201001/95305。

PCs worst yearly decline in sales Ivan Nikkhoo, managing editor of Siemer and Associates, talks to CNN about the downturn in PC sales. 全球个人电脑PC市场监测机构IDC和Gartner发布了最新统计数据。两家数据均显示今年一季度全球PC销量出现了超过10%的负增长。而根据IDC的数据,今年一季度全球PC市场更是创下近20年来的最大下滑。 这再次明,PC的时代正在逝去,计算机行业正在向平板电脑和智能手机等移动设备发展。 PC丧钟已敲响!世界前五大PC厂商除联想勉强维持在零增长外,惠普、戴尔、Acer、华硕等均出现了大幅下跌——PC真的要死去了吗?I’m joined by Ivan Nicoon who runs a venture capital(风险资本) firm that deals in particularly with technology companies. Great to have you on Quest Means Business, Ivan.Thanks for having me.One of the interesting things that we’ve seen, obviously as we move from these great, big, gargantuan(巨大的、庞大的) computers to very mobile(可移动的;机动的) devices, is a whole side industry of applications. That’s why people like you come in.Well, if you look at the context of it, there are three big developments. Number one, more and more people like to consume data on apps, not only in a mobile way, but in a personalizing curator way. In other words, I wanna consume what I want, the data on the apps, where I am, when I am and specific to me. And number two, the erosion of pricing on the tablets means that it is more and more affordable for larger masses to get it. And number three, and probably the most important. Now you have the universal applications that are available for mobile devices at a point where it is a critical mass and everybody uses them. The developer communities really provide applications for the mobile devices in a way that is absolutely usable for not only consumers but enterprise as well.So this one operating system that everybody can use and different companies can code towards, if you like.Well, there is more than one obviously. The two dominant ones being Android and of course, Apple’s. But the implications are probably somewhat more important and it’s reflected by the valuations of companies that you see in the market. First and foremost, I don’t believe that this is a stand-alone trend, I think the trends will continue and the erosion of the price of the tablets will apply more and more pressure on the PC manufacturer. So I think we’re gonna see that’s gonna hurt more and more in absence of the strategy to provide something in the mobile sector. The other one is the opportunities in the mobile sector are absolutely enormous. If you look at the valuation of companies that are providing for the mobile industry, whether it’s mobile advertising, you get mobile monetization(铸币;货币化) of or anything else that goes with it, versus the same companies that do on the online business, the evaluation parameters are absolutely different. Yes, and there’s tons of those companies. Ever so(非常) briefly, do you think we’re gonaa see the death of the PC by the end of, say, this decade? I mean, the death bell’s been ringing for some time. You know, I doubt that very much. Because the enterprise is very used to using the same model for some time to come, and do you remember, we’ve been talking about the death of PC for a very long time. I doubt that very much. I think the usage of it will differ. I think the type of PCs we will use will differ and they will become somewhat more application-centric for what we want. They have to be significantly more agile(敏捷的;灵巧的). But no.Ok, Ivan Nicoon, thank you very much for coming on Quest Means Business this evening. It’s a pleasure. Thank you. /201305/241232。

Imagine theres one day every year where a complete stranger hands you fifty quid. Now imagine that was garuanteed every year for the rest of your life. Thats like being given a pair of shoes. Or twenty pints. Or a meal out. If youre a regular earner, this could be a reality, so follow our simple advice to get your bank to pay you money for doing absolutely nothing!想象一下每年都会有陌生人给你50英镑,而且这种事情是有保的。这相当于一双鞋,或者20品脱的啤酒或者一顿饭的价钱。如果你有定期收入,那么这种好事完全可以变为现实。下面来看看我们的建议吧,让付钱给你而且你什么都不需要做。Most Banks offer current accounts with higher rates of interest if you can commit to paying in a certain amount a month.大多数的现金账户的利率都会高一些,前提是你能承诺每月花费一定数额的钱。Shop around to find the highest-paying current account you can, and then arrange to have your salary paid into it every month.去周边购物时留意利率最高的现金账户,然后定期把工资存进去。Keep your regular current account, which wont be paying as much interest, but will provide a holding pot for your spending money.这个长期账户虽然不会赚到更多的利润,但是能在你需要花钱时提供额外的好处。Work out how much you pay every month in standing orders, direct debits and other regular payments. Include your rent or mortgage, insurance payments and all your utility bills. Subtract this total from your monthly salary. The remainder is yours to spend as you like, so transfer it into your regular current account, leaving the money for your direct debits in your high interest account.记录一下你每个月需要花费的金钱数目,信用卡,借记卡,或者包括房租房贷、保险单和公共事务账单在内的常规项目。将这笔数目从工资里减去,把剩下的可以自由配的资金存进账户中,然后用它们来赚取利息。Arrange for all your standing orders and direct debits to come out of your high-interest account as late in the month as possible. If you get paid on the 1st, arrange for your standing orders to come out on the 30th. This will mean that for those 30 days the money will be sitting in your account earning you interest.信用卡还款和付其他流动账目时,要尽可能的安排在月底。比如你在1号拿到工资,就要在月尾30号的时候再取钱进行付。这意味着你的钱在30天里一刻不停地为你赚取利息。Fredrick earns pound;1500 per month, which is paid into a high interest current account on the 1st of every month. He works out that he pays pound;800 in bills so leaves this where it is and moves the other pound;700 to a regular current account. He then arranges for his bills and standing orders to come out of his high interest account on the 28th of the month, meaning pound;800 is sitting in his high interest account for the best part of 4 weeks. At an interest rate of 6% hell earn an extra pound;48 every year!福雷德克每个月的工资是1,500英镑,在每个月的第一天领工资。他算出自己所需的必要出是800英镑,所以他把剩下的700英镑存进了现金账户。然后他把所有的账单付日期都安排在了每个月的28号,这也就是说这800英镑每月都能创造4个周的利息。按照6%的利率,他每年都能从多得48英镑!Thanks for watching How To Get Free Money From Your Bank Account谢谢收看本期“从免费拿钱”节目。201208/197345。