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凌云县韩式半永久培训学校黔东南苗族侗族自治州纹眉半永久皮肤管理纹绣学校培训If youre looking for a new source of protein in your diet, weve got good news for you,as long as you dont mind eating bugs.如果你正在寻找饮食中新的蛋白质来源,我们有好消息给你,只要你不介意吃的虫子。A study found eating crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms and buffalo worms provides some of the same nutrients as eating sirloin,at least in terms of what your body is absorbing.一项研究发现,吃蟋蟀、蚱蜢、面粉虫和水牛蠕虫能提供吃牛脊肉同样的营养,至少从你身体吸收的角度。This is great news for the environment and even the economy. Farming insects is cheaper and more sustainable than raising cattle.这对环境甚至经济都是好消息。饲养昆虫比牛更便宜,更可持续。In parts of Asia, South and Central America and Africa, eating beady-eyed creatures is aly pretty standard. The ed Nations started encouraging more consumption of insects years ago.在亚洲的部分地区,南美和中美州以及非洲,食用小眼睛的生物相当普遍。几年前,联合国开始鼓励更多食用昆虫。But theres a slight problem with adding insects to our diets. In much of the Western world, creepy crawlers arent exactly a delicacy.但在我们的饮食中加入昆虫有些许问题。在大部分西方世界,爬虫可不是什么美味。译文属。201611/475951彝良县纹绣半永久纹绣培训学校 Plowed out, the track will be just like summer snow That has thawed and refrozen,Hard and slippy.开路 开出的道会像夏季的雪 那会融化然后再结冰 又硬又滑Whenever Ive glissaded before,Ive always had some means of arresting myself.以前每当我滑落的时候 我总是有些办法控制自己But the reality is most people who fall dont have that.但现实是绝大部分人没有这些办法And Ive witnessed that firsthand before,with my wife and son.以前我亲眼目睹过 跟我妻子和儿子一起I took a fall on a big mountain,only just stopped short of a cliff, very nearly died.我从一座大山上摔落 恰好不是峭壁 几乎快死了You know, you cant underestimate just how fast,you pick up speed on these sort of slopes你不能低估这种斜坡上的 加速度有多快unless you know what youre doing,Youre not gonna beat gravity.除非你知道你在做什么 你无法打败重力To see how fast I go,the team have set up a speed camera on the slope为了检测我下滑的速度 队伍在斜坡上设置了一台测速摄像机and marked a line in the snow where Ill start my arrest.并在雪上标记出一条减速线Then well measure how long it takes to stop.这样便能算出减速过程的用时And stopping fast can sometimes be critical.及时制动至关重要The slopes y. The camera crew are in position.雪坡已经铺好 摄像人员也已就位Time to get up to the top of the mountain.该上山顶了Okay, well, this is the top of the slope.到了 这是坡顶As is often the case with mountains, though,you get up the top and look down,it often looks much steeper.正如所有山峰一样 你从山顶往下看 会觉得山坡十分陡峭Well, you see Dave halfway down with the radar gun.看见路中拿着测速雷达的戴夫了吧And I reckon this is gonna be quite fast.速度一定很快To make it even faster, Im gonna ditch the rucksack Thats only gonna act as resistance为了更快 我就不背包了 它只会增大阻力And then also tuck my jacket into my trousers.再把外套塞进裤子里Okay. I kind of suspect this is gonna get quite fast.好了 我有点怀疑速度够不够快201703/497435Human beings venture into the highest parts of our planet at their peril.人类总是愿意冒着生命危险占领地球上最高的地方Some might think that by climbing a great mountain they have somehow conquered it,人们或许认为只要登上顶峰便能征一座高山but we can only be visitors here.不过,我们仅仅只是这里的拜访者This is a frozen, alien world.这是一个冰封的异域世界This is the other extreme. One of the lowest, hottest places on Earth.这里是另一种极端环境。地球上一处最低最热的地方Its over a hundred metres below the level of the sea.它的地势低于海平面100多米But here, a mountain is in gestation.但这里却在酝酿一座高山Pools of sulphuric acid are indications that deep underground there are titanic stirrings.这些硫酸池暗示地底深处正进行着大规模活动This is the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, lying within a colossal rent in the Earths surface这里是埃塞俄比亚境内的达纳吉尔凹地,位于地球表面的大裂谷内where giant land masses are pulling away from one another.巨大的陆地板块在此互相分离Lava rises to the surface through this crack in the crust, creating a chain of young volcanoes.熔岩经过这条地壳裂缝涌上地表,诞生了一连串年轻的火山201702/494716瑞安市纹绣纹绣学习自学教程培训

溧阳市半永久性化妆培训栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451744天津纹绣纹眉纹绣纹绣学校培训 商南县学习自学纹绣培训视频教程

南开区纹绣纹绣学习自学教程培训But the match was a gamble. He was 19, she was pushing 30.但这婚姻是场 他只有十九 而她年近三十He was relatively inexperienced,Eleanor had seen as much of the ways of the world as it could offer.他只是初出茅庐 而埃莉诺见多识广 早已历经沧桑And yet something rather surprising happened between the teenage Arthur and the mercurial Guinevere,虽然以政治谋利益的婚姻 对于年轻的亚瑟王something that wasnt supposed to happen in a marriage of political convenience.与机智的桂妮薇儿 不太可能有什么意外之喜The parties actually fancied each other.然而 他们彼此却真一见钟情Henry found himself at the altar in 1152, beside an older woman1152年 亨利王大婚 身边的女人described as a graceful, dark-eyed beauty,disconcertingly articulate, strong-minded and jocular.年纪稍长 眸子乌黑 形容姣好 举止优雅 才思敏捷 机智善辩 幽默风趣 极有主见Hardly the veiled damsel in the tower.不似养在深闺的懵懂少女One likes to think from her part that Eleanor saw not just the usual spur-clanking bonehead,从埃莉诺的角度来看 他并非只懂骑马打仗的凡夫俗子but beyond a stocky frame and barrel chest,someone who is intriguing peculiarity;在健硕的身躯和结实的胸膛之外 有某种难以名状的奇异特质The rare prince who looked right with a falcon on one hand and a book in the other.这位年轻的王子望向右方 一手托着猎鹰 一手则拿着书It was Eleanors homeland, Aquitaine,that was the greatest prize.而是埃莉诺的家乡 阿基坦 才是价值非凡的礼物A vast stretch of land between Anjou and the Pyrenees.它位于安茹和庇里牛斯山之间 地域辽阔A place where wine-steeped Latin culture had been polished anew by Provencal sensuality.在这里 普罗旺斯的声色犬马 又将酒色浸淫的拉丁文化发扬光大 /201609/464329 At least 20 people are dead after two passenger trains collided head-on in southern Italy.意大利南部两列客运列车迎面相撞,造成至少20人遇难。It wasnt clear what led to the crash as of Tuesday morning. The trains appeared to be on the same track at the time, and they were reportedly traveling at high speeds.目前还不清楚周二早上列车相撞的原因。两列火车似乎在同一轨道上,据称都是在高速行驶中。An official compared the damage to a plane crash. Images from the scene show the front cars are almost destroyed.一位官员将此与飞机失事作比较。从现场的图像显示,前车几乎被毁掉。Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is demanding answers for what led to the collision. He told reporters, ;There is an absolute need to understand who is responsible and to shed total light; on the crash.意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐要求找到导致碰撞的。他告诉记者,绝对需要调查谁对此事负责,并公开于众。Officials say dozens were injured and that the number of deaths could rise as they sift through the wreckage.官员称数十人受伤,随着对残骸的清查死亡人数可能继续上升。译文属。201607/454495城北区半永久化妆培训学校大洼县韩式纹绣美发业彩妆培训



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